Lookit the damage to the Woman's hand...

 Best yet...I didn't do it! Buddah did! he wanted treats and asked for them and the Woman said no but tried to hug him and he sunk his teeth into her arm (not shown) and when she went and sat down, rather pissed off, he came over to her like he wanted to make up, and when she tried to pet him, he went all postal and tried to rip her to shreds! Dooods, I've never seen anything like that before! Buddah was all ninja badass, but it was really stupid because there's no way he's getting any treats now, maybe not ever again,

That better not spill over to me. I know better than to draw blood. When I sink my teeth into a people, I do it gently, just enough to let them know I could draw blood if I wanted, but I don't. I think they appreciate that about me. Because I'm awesome.

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We are printin this picture out. So The Big Thing knows what COULD happen iffen we don't get our foods on time!


You are very awesome Max. And very smart. BTW, we heard a rumor that you..well... did something Bad in the Living Room?

Well, since I know that Buddah is the most lovable, perfect cat EVER, that human must've done something really, **really** bad to make poor Buddah do something like that. If he did it all, which has not been proven. That could totally be a self-inflicted scratch.

Wow! Buddah did THAT?! I's like you, I bite gently an sometimes lick a little, too. While bitin. But I don't use claws to grab frum Mom unless she's got nip. Cuz, you know, dat's NIP!
Mom finks sum famouse travelin guy reads yur blog cuz he sounded just like you. I fink yur more famouser.

It sounds like Buddha must have worked himself into an overstimulated state after he didn't get his treat. It happens sometimes even to kitties who are normally nice. When we get that way, we remain aggressive for quite a while - hours, or even the rest of the day - so it's best to give us a wide berth until all signs of aggression (wide pupils, over-"friendliness" that's really bossiness) quiet down.

BTW, Max, aren't you one to talk? I mean, didn't you just have a, um, peeing session? Was that a response to Buddha's behavior, or are you unwell, or upset about something? C'mon, you can confide in us!

oooh, from a fellow biter, I am IMPRESSED. None of us get to do too much claw damage due to traumatic clipping sessions.
xx Grayce

Wonder what got into Buddah?

Might be time for a check up at the vets.
Sorry this happened.
I won't bore you with a long ago sad tale
of woe, but this has happened to
me . The out come not do good , but it was
an thing that needed treatmeant .

Wow we hope it is a weird crazy moment of overstimulation like Sparkle mentions, and not a permanant mood change. That has happened here once or twice - always a crazy thing. Tell your mom to keep an eye on the bite part - just to be sure it doesn't get infected, because even cleaning it well doesn't always work. Even if it does get infected, a quick antibiotic shot should clear it up (I speak from kitty bite experience).

Ah Buddah that's not too good.

Whoa,Buddah musta really been in a bad mood to go postal. I hope you still get your treats.

That is some scratch!

Wow! That is quite a souvenir on The Woman's hand!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

P.S. What's up with the out of litter box experience?

OUCH! That was not very nice of Buddah. Maybe he thought SHE was a treat?

what was Buddah thinking?

Wow, I didn't know Buddah had it in him!!

Wow. Did the Woman say, "I'm not going to play with you if you're going to be like that", like our mom does? Or did she teach Buddah some new words, like our mom also does?

Wait, you had an out-of-litter-box experience and Buddah bit the Woman? You got some evil ninja cat lurking in your neighborhood that is giving you fits? That is what riles things up in our house. Once it was an evil ninja BOBCAT. Don't mess with those. They'll eat your innards and leave little pieces of you on the lawn to freak out the people.

Think your person needs to get Buddha some Soft Paws.
Ouch... hopefully your person will get better soon... other wise you might go hungry with no real live dead shrimp or treats because Buddha was not nice.

I once tried to bath a cat who had managed to cover herself with a lot of poop. I was young and stupid and managed to get scratches like that all up and down my arms, sighh ..serves me right i guess