First the bad news. It looks like The Mows is definitely wrapping up, judging by today's new strip. This bums me out mightily.

But the good news! Spitty the Kitty, who has been lurking on our blogs for YEARS finally has a blog of his own! Please go welcome him to the cat blogosphere. He's a pretty cool dood and I know you're gonna like him.

Now I have to go block the door, because the Woman wants to go outside and play on her Trikke, but I want a lap, and I'm determined to win this one.

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We are bummed out too about the MOWS. WE sent JD an Email and thanked him for all the laughs and told him he would be missed.

I hope you get that lap!

Wow, Max, thanks, Bro! So THIS is where all the people came from! I was kinda thinking it might be lonely for awhile, but it's a party over there! Thanks for the shout-out!

We sure are gonna miss da mows...we went to see Spitty, Sadie thinks he's hansome like yoo.

Spitty is tolerable. Seems to know its place: "if she wants affection, she can get a dog." I mean, I'll give SOME props to a cat willing to acknowledge its a cold-hearted beast. :)

We're not sure Jan is ending The Mows. We found he has a blog and it suggests he is busy writing new ones. It also shows a poll about when he should introduce his current cats. That might be what he is preparing to do soon...

our the mom's eyes leaked about the new strips - yeah, she knows that Tigey akshually died a few years ago, as did Indy, and we doesn't know if Nony is at the bridge (but she prolly is as they was senior kitties) but it's still sad. We wonder if Jay has put out a book? We would SOOOOOO buy a book.

Max, thanks for telling us about Spitty-the-kitty's blog! We went over to say hi.

And what a bummer about The Mows.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

We hasn't been able to read da Mows since da real kitty died. An da bunny story was sad, too.