Aw, water fountain broke. It just stopped spitting the water out for me, and now I have to drink from the stupid bowl at the bottom. I pointed it out to the Woman a dozen times during the night and again today, but would she run out and get me a new one?

No! She said I had to wait and see it the Man could fix it.

And when he finally got up and looked at it. "It's broken."

That's what I said!

She still wouldn't go out and buy me a new one and said I would survive without it for another night or two.


She better not be serious.

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That happened to our fountain too! And Mommy couldn't fix it, and her Dad couldn't fix it, so it got shoved in the little room I am not allowed in, and we have to drink out of plain BOWLS now! How Horrible is that?! At least Lexy trained Mommy to leave the bathroom sink dripping just for us. You need to be more forceful with your woman,

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Our guys drink pretty much exclusively from their our fountain now. I just have to recommend it, it's awesome. Ceramic and totally silent:
(it's not on the floor anymore...we put it on a table and it looks like a decoration)

Our mom broke ours. She submerged the on/off switch in water and it deaded. All we need is a new pump, but she still hasn't bought it yet. Humans!!!

Max, that totally sucks. We think tat you should tell The Woman to get you a new fountain post-haste. As an added incentive, demand that they leave the bathroom sink running for you until you get your new fountain.

(We just discovered the MAGIC! of the bathroom faucet. The water tastes really good there!)

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Oh no. That is just rotten service, if you ask us.

The things humans think we have to put up with.

Two nights without your fountain?! You'll be parched by then.

Something needs to meet a toothy death.

I don't know, Max. Things seem to be getting worse and worse at your house. What's the matter with your People? Have they completely forgotten who rules?

That stinks about the fountain! We have one upstairs but only bowls downstairs. We totally think the fountain water is better (but not as good as mom's cup water of course). We hope your mom comes to her senses soon!

if you cant get them to leave a faucet dripping in the bathroom or bathtub, then figure out how to turn it on yourself. just watch them very carefully to see how they turn them on and presto, you can turn the water on whenever you need it, no need to get the fountain fixed, just turn a faucet on and drink straight from the tap. its way better anyway!

Not acceptable! They should have an emergency backup unit on site at all times.

I think I see a cat contender here :-)

Sheesh, peepul are soooo lazy!

They need to get out the rule book you wrote and carefully read it again.

That's just plain kitteh abuse. Can I call KPS for you now?

How will you survive?

Two days? Yoo could be all dried up and crinkly-like by den.