OK, so, I have this thing about closets. I like them. I really like them. Remember when we got Buddah and he made me so sick? Hanging out in the closet was about the only thing that made me feel even a tiny bit better. We had a nice closet then, with a door that made a sproooiiiiiiiing noise when I opened it, and lots of floor space upon which I could spread my black and white glory.

Since then we've had some ok closets, but nothing spectacular, until we moved into this house.

The big bedroom has a wicked nice closet. I mean, it's huge. It's loaded with all the Man's clothes (um, yeah, the Woman? She gets the LITTLE closet in the LITTLE bedroom) and some boxes up high on shelves, but there's lots of floor space for a kitty to lounge. And the Man dumped a bunch of clothes on the floor that he wants to give to some dood named Will, who must be a decent enough guy,because they keep calling him Good Will. Personally, if I was Will I'd give them a wedgy for that, because even when you;re really nice, no one wants to be called Good Whateveryournameis, because that's the kind of thing that gets you beat up after school.

Anyway, the Man realized that I was lounging in the closet on top of those clothes a lot. It's one of my favorite napping spots, because it's comfortable and quiet and Buddah never goes in there. So you know what he did? He scooped up all those clothes! The ones I was sleeping on!

But, it got better.

After he scooped up all those clothes, he put a bed down.

A nice, big, FURRY bed just for me. It's kind of like Buddah's red bed by the fire thingy, but not red, and it's FURRY. I mean, it's the kind of furry that can make a kitty understand why people are always trying to pet us. It's soft and warm and FURRY and just makes you want to rub your face all over it.

Not that I do that.

But dooods, with that bed in there, it's like I have my very own Mancat Cave! The only thing missing is food and a litter box, but since I don't really WANT a litterbox in there, it's just about ideal.

Really, if I could just get the Man to get all his stuff out of there, I'd have like a HOUSE of my very own, it's that awesome...

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that is AWESOME!!! you should so totally get the man to move his clothes out of there. and like just store them on an extra bed or something.

Well, The Man totally gets it.
Max's comfort comes first.

Egads! I never realized the possibilities. We have one of those big closets too. hmmmmm ::gets out pencil and tape measure::

Lounge Kats

That is pretty great! I guess now I have closet envy, because when we moved here we got stuck with these teeny tiny things. (Don't even start my mom on them.)

Oh my Ceiling Cat, that's totally awesome. You are so lucky.

Your own ManCatCave, how cool.

Wow, Max. Pawesome! You're a lucky guy--maybe you should start calling him "Good Man"?

All I have is a miserable little bedroom closet (I guess humans didn't have so much stuff back in 1907 when this building got built) that I'm not even supposed to go in and an eeeeensy hallway closet that only fits the vacuum on the floor. Sigh.

Wasn't it nice of the man to put that bed in there for you. My kitty is jealous because I don't have a closet like that for her.

You're living the life Max!!

That is totally awesome! Your very own fuzzy bed in your mancave!

Perhaps you can get the Man to deliver real live dead shrimp to you in there!

Closets are the best. I have a corner where there are some forgotten "donation" clothes that I nap on and I can hide real good in there and never get pounced. Congrats on scoring a bed, though. That would be nice.

Max, ya should put in a little snack bar of yer own. And a lava lamp! That would make it REAL Mancat cavey...

Wow that closet sounds like a super cool place to hang out!

Yeah Max, you really need to tell him to move the rest of his stuff out of your closet. Then you move in a mini-fridge full of food, a TV w/a remote and you've already got your furry red bed. Sounds like a pretty good setup to us. Call us when you get everything ready and we'll be over!

George & Max S.

mi brudder whitey ford enjoyz clozetz. he sez da followin:
"litter box in a closet, Max? who needs a litter box? Just go when you feel the urge."
an dat, mi frend, iz why nobuddy wantz mi brudder whitey ford in dere clozet.
jus sayin.

Oh, dude, I am so envious of your furry bed. I don't like closets, but your furry bed has my motor going. Could you please tell my Mom what kind it is? You are the greatest, Max.