Dooods. There's a blogger we must win over. His name is Rick Lax and he has blogged about dogs being BETTER than cats! (can you fathom???) and aiming an Airzooka at the cat (though I have to admit, I would probably enjoy this. If not, I want one to chase Buddah with.)

I am going to keep an eye on him because he may prove to be somewhat amusing...we must show him the error of his ways and bring him to the Side of Right and Ceiling Cat.

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How...bizarre! I mean, woofies droof and stuff.. how can he think THAT's better?

Why would dogs be better than cats? Except maybe at making a mess?

Yes, I think I will probably need to follow him, too. Just to keep an eye on him!

Woofies are ok but cats rule.. Hugs GJ xx

He must be a poor misguided soul to not realise cats are superior.

Look, I'm not in love with the droof and stuff. I'm not going to lie to you on that point. But I'll take droof over your disgusting hair balls that show up on my floor every month. They're awful and they look like sickly poop.

Cats do not rule. They'd rule if given the opportunity--I have no doubt about I feel like it's my job to keep them in their place.

Ok, look. We like dogs as much as anyone. But better then cats - no, no. That guy just isn't right in the head.

This guy just has it all wrong!! Cats rule...dogs drool...

To use his words, people that talk bad about cats are arrogant p****s

Yes, dogs drool. But so do babies and old people. Are you saying you don't love babies and old people???

You can't say you like dogs as much as anyone and then say cats are better. We're at WAR, people. Pick a side.

Umm... I think we already have. :) Team Kitteh !

There is acktally a cool discussion here:

There are probly better ones but it is treat time an we're goin ta the kitchen! We know what our priorities are...