Oh man...tonight the people went out for a while, and when they came back I tried to sit in the Woman's lap, but i caught a whiff of something that just disturbed me, so I had to sniff to see if my worst fears were right.

And dooods...they were. I sniffed the Woman's breath, and I smelled it.


Denny's chicken.

Now, we've already established that Denny likes me enough to always send chicken home for me, so clearly, the Woman ate my piece of chicken when he wasn't looking.

She ate my chicken!

This cannot be allowed to go without punishment. Something of hers must meet a toothy death. Something good.

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oh duhr ...
i thot u were gointa say d-o-g!
dat wooda been werse dan no chicken.
jus sayin.

So not fair!

that is 58 different kinds of WRONG.

Isn't she getting a new toy soon? You can wreck that--better still I think it's something she might ride. You can make HER wreck it or else risk wrecking herself... HE HE HE.

She ate your chicken???!!!
Now that's just plain greedy. You don't see cats being that greedy. Nope.

Poor Max- I guess revenge is a moral imperative.
Once you done it- blog it!

That is just rude of her!

The nerve! I think you need to call Denny right away and tell him.

Dooooood! I know you feel, right at this very moment Mom is eating Cheetos and she hasn't shred them. And I'm sitting on her! Something's going to get barfed on tonight.

Well, Max, you know your Woman been so good on her diet, maybe she just....lost control a little and couldn't help herself. Maybe she ate it before she even realized?

I mean, she is starting to look a little on the thin and underfed side.

Surely you can't begrudge her this ONE piece of chicken?

I mean, look in the mirror dood--who needed it more?

Or poop on her pillow!

She really deserves whatever you decide to do, Max...eating your chicken was just plain wrong....