Back in March, someone submitted a question to Ask Max Anything, and wanted to know what had happened to The Mows comic strip...I found a contact email address for the doood that writes it, and the good news is that he's fine, he just got distracted by other things. The bad news is that he mentioned wrapping it up. So there may be no more Mows, which sucks.

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We don't know that comic strip - if people are asking it must be good so we will have to find it and check out the older ones at least!

its good, its very good. miss it alot. it was a daily addiction for me.

We miss it alot! After he lost Indy and Tigey We were afraid he would quit! We are sorry to see it go.

Oh man, dat does suck. Concatulations on forcing da peepul to get yoo a new fountain...humans are so easy to manipulate...heehee

Bummer, we found it, then we found you. The rest is history man!

Oh that is bad news! We love The Mows. The Mows Bein even wrote about a friend when we asked, but we should probly explain that at length on our blog.

Well, Max, I finally badgered the Womun to help me start a tiny blog. It's embarrassingly amateurish, but come say Meow anyway, so I won't be all alone there with just her.