The Man moved my Supreme Commander Kitty Tower from a corner in the library to a space between the Let's Rot Our Brains With TV Room and the THERE'S FOOD HERE! room...real close to the table.

Max posing

I think I like it.

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I like it too.

Looks like a cool new spot. It's good that they are thinking of you, Max.

When's the virgin leap scheduled?
heh heh
xx lounge kats

I like it too--can you reach the table?

It looks great there, especially with the new paint job on the walls. Can you dive-bomb the table from there?

Sounds like an excellent lookout position.

Ah, is it within leap distance to da food? Our beans would put it right in front of da windows so we could watch da naybors...and dey could make fun of our beans fur der dekorating stile.

Hmmm, tower, food, TV. Don't have to go far to get what you need.

It makes a really nice stage for you, Max. You should charge admission for the people to look at you.

(Although I have to say the top is disturbingly reminiscent of the tank on a human litterbox!)

A mancat cave with a kick butt bed AND a supreme vantage point for brain dead TV watching beans giving scritches potential and scarfing up dropped food potential?

You are the King.

Itsa great spot Max, but itsa shame ya cant see outta a window from there... Ours is right in front of the main living room window. We can see skwerls an birds and bugs an neighbor kitties and all kinna stuff.

I like it too! You look very good against the yellow wall!

Max, you look like the Supreme Commander Kitty!

It looks like a great spot to me, too, Max. Congratulations on your new mancat cave, too.

Thanks for the Gotcha Day wishes.

Max, you look very handsome there on your Supreme Commander Kitty Tower!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Location is everything man!