Hey! We got a Secret Paws package today! Abby from Manx Mnews was Buddah's and my Secret Paw...and Abby was very generous! She even sent some chocolate for the Woman, and it's one of the Woman's favorite kinds. And she sent treats that I don't think I've ever had before! The Woman let us have some (heh, yeah, I'm on my back legs, standing up trying to get at them before Buddah) and they were very tasty.

Buddah got all excited because there were little mousies, and lately little mousies have become his favorote toy. He especially likes the kind that have little things inside that rattle, and these do! So he spent the entire afternoon with a purple mousie, which meant he was leaving me along, so that made me very happy!

The Man took pictures (click to see the bigger sized):

Thank you Abby and Boo and Ping and Jinx and Gracie! This was better than a birthday, I think!

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