Every night at dinner, the Woman takes the half can of Stinky Goodness that I don't get but still want (and am not allowed to have until snack time later), puts it in a baggy, and then sticks it on top of the fridge. That wouldn't have worked in the apartment, but here neither of us can get to the top of the fridge. But once in a while her head is wedged up her butt and she leaves it on the counter, and we're supposed to show incredible restraint and leave it alone.

Yeah, right.

Tonight was a head up the butt night.

She heard me and Buddah talking quietly to each other, and she got suspicious, so she came trotting down the stairs, asking what we were doing. Like we were going to sing out "We're doing something we're not supposed to!"

Well, duh, there was a baggy with Stinky Goodness where we could get to it, and Buddah has claws, so...

You think she would learn.
You'd think.

To her credit, she didn't get all bent out of shape that we'd almost emptied the can. She just said we were bad little boys (:::rolling my eyes:::) and then she divied up what was left...and we'll still get our snack later.

This is where having Buddah is a good thing. He's still growing, so he'll need more food later, and she's not going to feed him and not me. And I bet I get a little more than usual, because she'll have to open a whole can and there's no way she's throwing half of it away.

And when we eat it all and don't fight, she's just going to say how good we are.
No, she's not on medication.
Yeah, go figure...!

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