Last night, when the Woman grabbed me to shove that chunk down my throat, I growled at her. I mean, it was a ferocious growl that made Buddah back up a few steps and would have made him pee if I'd done it a second time. But did it stop her? Phffft. She laughed and said "Oh, you're a big brave kitty, aren't you?"

Condescending b... In any case, she got it down my throat and gave me my snack, and said, "You only have a couple more days, then you have 2 weeks without having to take it."

Well la-dee-dah, don't do me any favors now.

I was still in a growly kind of modd today, so when she was headed downstairs and I was already on the stairs, I stopped right in the middle of one and wouldn't move. She threatened to step on me, but I knew better. I wouldn't budge.

So she stepped over me, got whatever it was she wanted, and I was still there when she came back, only this time I spread myself all the way across the step.

Then she said, "Are we being a speed bump today?"

Cripes, she didn't even have the decency to be annoyed. She just grabbed the hand rail and hauled herself up and over me.

I'm growling at her again tonight, just because I can.

BOOK NOTE: The Woman ordered more copies of my book, and usually she gets them in just a few days, but the printer informed her there will probably be a slight delay in getting this shipment, maybe about a week. So if it takes longer than you expected to get your book (in the U.S.; if you're overseas it's gonna take a while to get there regardless) please accept our apologies. They're moving all their printing stuff from just an hour south of us all the way to Kentucky. We are not thrilled...only because we're selfish.

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