A Couple Of Things...

First off, Buddah is soooooo lying... None of the people ever hit him. Well, there was that incident with the door this morning, but that was an accident. He was running around like his little crackhead self always does, and he darted down the little hall between the kitchen and the living room right at the same moment the Man was opening the closet door. So techincally, the Man hit him in the head with the door, but that doesn't count. I think what Buddah was really upset about was that he wanted crunchy treats, and the Younger Human would not give us any. But I swear, no one beats on Buddah, not with a broom, not with anything.


I know where Bastya has really been.

He said he couldn't use the computer because his people had to use it for the creation of a thesis.

But look.

He was on tour, singing, and he didn't invite any of us to come see. It could be because he knows few kitties and fluffies have disposable incomes and we couldn't buy tickets, but still...

Will he remember us when he's rich and famous?

Sing it loud, Bastya! You rock!


Okay... more clarity on the book.

Easiest way thing to do is go to my my other website and look there. Under the picture of the cover of my book there are 2 links: click on one to take you to a page that tells you how you can order an autographed copy (using PayPal, money order, or personal check) and another link that says "Direct Print." That takes you to Cafepress, whom the Woman is using to print this early print run. It costs the same either way, directly from me or directly from the printer.

Later this spring, the book will go into distribution, so it can be purchased on places like Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble online. The books will be identical in content, but the one this spring will have a few stray typos corrected, and it might be a smaller trim size (the one you can get now is 6.63 x 10.25; spring issue might be 5 x 8).

A couple people were sneaky and found the link to Cafepress early, before the Woman even got a copy, and they actually got theirs before she got hers. If you were one of the few, and you wanted an autographed copy, you can send it to us and we'll sign it, and send it back to you. Or we can sign a bookplate and send that to you, and you can stick it inside the book. Just let the Woman know.

If you clicked on the Paypal button to buy one, you're getting an autographed copy. If you want it signed to someone special, email The Woman or email me and let us know. Be sure to say who the name on the order is. If your name on PayPal is Nokia LaToyota and you email and say you're Jim Bob Johnson, we won't know whose book we need to make sure has that special signature.

Okay, now I need to go make Buddah stand in the hallway and say 100 times "I will not lie about people hitting me." And then I will have to teach him other ways to get the attention he so obviously seems to feel like he needs.

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