This is why the Woman says we can't have $500 to buy the kitty city. The People bought this for us last year, plus I have my Supreme Commander Kitty Tower.

But the Supreme Commander Kitty Tower is downstairs, and the other one is upstairs and there's no way to connect them. I want to have a realy really big play place like the Kitty City picture. I even reminded her that I have money of my own, but she still said no.

So I turned my back on her and wouldn't even look at her.

Then she said maybe, if I can be patient and wait until Until Uncle Sam is done bleeding them dry, that we can get a second climbing tower, and the Man can make a ramp between them, and maybe even an extra ramp down to the Kitty Klubhouse.

I can be patient, but I don't really trust a "maybe" like that...

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