Behold once again.

The Woman finally got a proof copy, and it looks good. Better than good. It actually looks better than my first book. The pictures inside are much more crisp, the print quality is's just all around spiffy.

This book won't go into distribution until probably late May/early June, but since you guys are so wonderful, you have a crack at getting "pre-publication" copies. The Woman will sit down and add it to my PsychoKitty Web Page (the place where my goodies are pimped) later today, unless she finds something more fun to do (like harvest belly lint) but for now there's a PayPal button. Cost is $15.95 + $5 (US dollars) shipping and handling...US orders will be sent USPS priority mail. International will be sent via the Slow Boat to China. Sorry, but otherwise the shipping to International would be about $20 US. If you want to spend that much, email me, we'll talk.

The web page will have info on how to order if you need to pay by means other than PayPal.

Something Of Yours Will Meet A Toothy Death is now real! Yay!

Oh, and y'all are gonna wanna read the dedication :)

Edited to add: you can get order details from here or here. The Woman let her belly lint go, and re-did the web page...

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