We had sunspots all weekend, but this morning when we got up to have breakfast, they were all gone and it was raining outside. Plus, there was no warm air coming out of the warm air blowing thingies. After we ate, we agreed: it's cold in the house and we needed warm. So I curled up on the Younger Human's bed, kind of wedged into his blankets, and left Buddah to figure it out for himself.

He wandered around looking for a warm place for about an hour and a half, then decided he'd ask someone. So he sat outside the Woman's bedroom and meowed until she got up and let him in. And she told him where it was warm! Just like that. I was trying to make him think and she told him it was warm on top of the dresser where the extra fuzzy blanket is and she said she'd go turn the heat up!

If I had woken her up, do you think she'd lead me to warm AND turn the heat up? Phffft. If it had been me she would have grunted "I was asleep, furball" and I would have been annoyed AND still cold.

I stayed on the Younger Human's bed until the afternoon, and I think Buddah stayed on the dresser until then, too. We were nice and warm but I heard the Woman whining about til being cold.

Serves her right for not letting Buddah learn something on his own.

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