Starting tomorrow, everyone will have to pay $5 a month to view my blog. I need money for kitty crack and since the Woman won't give me my book money, you all will have to finance my habit. So yeah, if you don't pay me $5 a month, you can't read my wonderful words of wisdom anymore.

Really. I mean it.


:::checks calendar:::

This, apparently, is why the Woman thinks I need to lose weight.

Phffft. I was kind of squished up against myself because buddah was right on my butt, so it makes me look way bigger than I really am.

And I'm a bug guy to begin with. I'm on the tall side for a kitty, and I'm pretty solid. So I'm not as fat as she makes me out to be.

I'm 15.5 pounds. Um, yeah, that is up a little from a couple years ago, but still. She thinks I should weigh aroun 12-13. Buddah weighs almost 12 pounds and he's super skinny...but she seems pretty sure that when he finally stops growing he'll be even taller than I am, and maybe heavier without being over weight.

Well lah-dee-dah for him. It's really not fair; he gets twice as much Stinky Goodness as I do. And I'm pretty sure the People sneak extra treats to him when I'm not looking.

But in spire of photographic evidence, I am not fat! I'm just a solid mass of beautiful black and white kitty!

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