What Got Me Going...

I get email. Lots of email. Some of it offers to make things that don't work the way they might have if not for the Offending Surgery quite a bit bigger, some of it offers to give me a mortgage--though I'm not entirely sure why I would want one and what I would do with it if I got one--and some of it is just friendly stuff from people who read my blog. Some of it is from kitty friends.

My email usually amuses me, like the time someone emailed to complain about my "grammer" (not one word was said about my gramper, and if I knew who he was, I'm sure he'd be offended.) But sometimes, like yesterday, my email just ticks me off. What upsets me even more is when I get email like this that's offered in such a friendly manner, as if of course I would agree that giving away a kitten, just because--after less than a year--taking care of it just wasn't what this person expected. It wasn't fun. The kitty never turned into a lap cat, its poop smelled really bad, it didn't want to come out from under the bed to chase a laser pointer...so they were taking it to the county pound.

And I guess I was supposed to be flattered that they would have kept the kitty if it had been like me.

Close your eyes if you don't like bad words, because I am going to say something really strong that will offend some of my friends who are much better mannered than I. Just skip right over it, because this is aimed at that person.

SCREW YOU! Um, yeah, I was going to say something stronger...

I don't care if that kitty lived the next 20 years under the bed, only coming out for food and water and litterbox needs. The kitty was COMFORTABLE there. And maybe if you were a BETTER person, the kitty would have finally relaxed and chased the laser pointer just to make you happy. Do you know what happens to older kitties at county pounds? Do you???

I do.

I know because the Woman had to explain it to me. Oh, and those who email me, you should know that the Woman screens my email. I am only four years old, after all.

So she read the email, and then explained about some people she's known through the years. People who are in the miliary or are married to someone in the military. They get someplace and get a pet. Two or three years later they have to move, and because it's not always easy to move with a pet, they get rid of it. Sometimes they give it to a friend, sometimes they dump it at the pound or a shelter. She doesn't like those people.

It's not the same if you have to move to someplace where the pet will wind up in jail for 6 months, it's really not. Sometimes the kitty and doggy jail is far enough away from where the People will live that they can't visit, and the pets are scared and miserable. But the people who would consider that also are the kind of people who take the time to find a family for their pet who will be very good to them. And they take the time to let the pet get to know the new family before they leave. So it's not so hard.

Sometimes it is more important to get the kitty a new family. Sometimes it's for the safety of the kitty, or even because someone in the People Family could get so sick they would die if the kitty stayed around.

But the people who get rid of kitties because they're not convenient or fun...those are the people who should not have pets in the first place. If they do have them, yeah, I think the pets should get a new home, but that new home has to be chosen very carefully. It has to be someone like Timmy's Mommy, who saved him and loves him like crazy. It has to be someone like my People, who got Buddah and wouldn't let me send him back, no matter how annoyed I was with him, because they love him and have enough patience to wait through his Insane Period.

I don't think it's always wrong to find a new home for a kitty or a dog. But people who do it Just Because, without a valid reason...those are the people whose pillows I would like to poop on.

So now you know what set me off. Someone who sneezed too hard once and lost most of their brain.

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