I knew we were going to score when the Woman opened our can of Stinky Goodness tonight and said to the Man, "Well, it looks like 'Savory Juices' means pretty much the same thing as 'Gravy.'"

That means there's more juicy stuff in the can than there is meat, and the Woman is pretty sure that we just don't get enough real food in our tummies when that happens. Probably because in the past when I've had Stinky Goodness with gravy, I've always bugged her for more, like I was starving. So she doesn't buy gravy food anymore, but this time she bought something with juices...and I knew as soon as she said that, it meant we had a shot at seconds.

Now, Buddah doesn't know this yet, but *I* do. So a few hours after dinner, I meowed a little bit at her, and =bingo= she muses that we must be hungry again. And you know what she did? Do you?

She opened another can! We got dinner twice!

Now Buddah isn't so stupid he doesn't know a good thing when he sees it, so he didn't jump up and down and say, "Hey, we ate already!" He kept his yap shut and waited patiently for her to put the plates down on the floor. And when she did, he dove in and inhaled his share.

Now we're all full and sleepy.
So I'm gonna go take a nap.

And I'm gonna laugh when all that food gets to Buddah, and the Woman is wondering again what crawled up his butt and died.

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