One last thing about the kitty that started my Raving Manical Ranting...

The Woman as been dealing with the kitty's soon to be ex-owner in email, and let them know about kill shelters and non-kill shelters, and some alternatives. There's a Freecycle available in their area, and they are going to use it to find the kitty a good home. They read the blog, and feel really bad about the whole thing, especially knowing that it was them who caused such an uproar (and they admit, for good reason.) But they also say they are not good pet owners and should not keep the kitty. I think they are very young...I can't be sure but I get that feeling.

So. While it's not ideal, the kitty will get a good home. They promised to let the Woman know when they found one, and she knows how to check for sure, and they said it's okay for her to be nosy about it. And maybe a few people who were thinking about a pet will stop and think three or four more times to make sure they're really ready for it.

Ok. What's REALLY important today!

Buddah Pest bit my winky! I kid you not! I was at the bowl eating some dry food because I was starving and the Woman would not let us have Stinky Goodness early, and he snuck under me and bit it! Then I had to endure the humiliation of the Woman flipping me onto my back to make sure I wasn't bleeding.

I am so totally going to get to the top of the climbing tower, and when he tries to get up there, too, I am going to grab him and shove him down the escape hole. When the Woman sees what he did with half the litter from the litter box, she might help me!

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