So, we got our new tunnel today. It looks like it's big enough for me to go in. It looks like it might be a lot of fun. But until that little monster quits hogging it, I'll never know.

Sure, I could stomp him into next week and take it from him, but someone has to be the bigger man here.

He's a selfish little thing, that's for sure. He hogs all the toys, has claimed the new climbing tower as his very own property, and now the new tunnel--which the Woman ordered because *I* couldn't play in the smaller tunnel. But does he care about that? Nooooooo...all he sees is NEW TOY! and I have to wait until he's tired of it.

The other night I tried to jump onto the new tower and Buddah went all ape shit trying to knock me off and bite me...the Woman picked him up and put him in another room, so I climbed up to his favorite perch at the top and took a nap. Serves him right.

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