Okay, the little monster made me laugh.

The Woman has this closet and it has no door handle. It's just a giant mirror that you pull on to open it. It makes a loud "thoiiiinnnnng" sound when you pull on it, so I like to open it at around 2 in the morning. I learned to put my paw at the crack and pull, and by now the Woman is used to it so she doesn't freak out when I open it while she's alseep.

Well...Buddah wanted in there. But he's not strong enough yet to pull on it. He stood there and stared at it, cocking his head from side to side and he sized it, up, and then he ran at it full speed, slamming his body into it.

First there was a loud =BOOM= and then the nice "thoiiiiiing " sound as it popped open.

The Woman sat up straight and seethed "What the HELL???!!!" through her teeth. Even in the dark I could see her eyes were wide and the noise had scared her. She scrambled out of bed and went down the hall to find the noise.

Buddah wandered into the closet, where he played happily for a good hour or so. She never did really figure out what the noise was, not until morning when she saw the dor open.

He could have asked me to open it, but this was much better.

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