Once again, they were late with the nightly Stinky Goodness. Really late. The Younger Human was home on time, but even he didn't bother to open a can for us. My poor tummy was rolling and churning, and poor Buddah...his little brain immediately went to the worst case scenario. Maybe they got stuck somewhere or some mean person won't let them come home. Maybe they forgot where we live. Maybe they're dead.

Yeah. He's a four month old drama queen.

I tried to explain, they have this nasty habit of going somewhere and all they think of is their own sorry selves, and it doesn't matter that we're home DYING. He better get used to it, because at least 27.32 times a year they will be late, and 5.9 times they will be very very late. He's just going to have to learn.

It'll hurt, but sooner or later he'll come to understand. The world doesn't revolve around him. It revolves around me, but once in a while, it tilts on its axis.

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