Buddah learned things today, at least he thinks he did... I'll be surprised if any of it sticks, especially everything about claws and eating Jesus.

The Woman heard back from the kitty people, and they found a home for it (him? her? We're not real clear on that point...) Some older people are going to take it and give it a nice, quiet home. There are no Sticky Little People there, so maybe the kitty will come out from under the bed.

I was looking out the window today, and I still can't find any Sticky People here to watch. I can't hear any out there playing, either. Ya know, I don't want one in my house, but I sure miss watching them.

Heck, I miss being able to see stuff out the window. Ours are so blocked by bushes it's hard to see anything other than the sky and the balconies on the buildings around us. I can see dogs on some of the balconies, and I'm still telling 'em to just jump already, but none of them will. Once in a while I see another kitty, but that makes the Woman sad; she says it's way too hot out for kitties right now and they're having a hard time finding cool enough shade.

Oh yeah, and then she threatens to toss me out there if I don't stop begging for treats.

I'm not begging.
I'm asking politely.
Over and over and over again...

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