It was time.

I have not woken the Woman up with the magic of my singing for a quite a long time now; the Man has been leaving at night to pass gas, and he feeds us when he gets home in the morning--abot half an hour earlier than the Woman used to open the Wonderous Stinky Goodness--so I've been letting her sleep in for a good 2 months.

Now, Buddah Pest has not been properly introduced to the fine art of Getting The Woman Up Properly, so I decided it was indeed time for him to learn all about Early Morning Singing. He's almost 4 months old now, after all, and while his voice is still kind of squeaky, it's coming along, and he's demonstrated that he can meow loud enough for the Woman to hear clear on the other side of the apartment.

So first thing this morning I called for him to join me on top of the dining room table. We started off softly, but pretty soon he got the hang of it, and we sat there and sang our little hearts out. As he got into it, he got louder, and to be sure I could still be heard, I sang louder, too. And what do you know, the Woman came running down the hall to make sure we were all right.

Buddah did a fine job for his first morning of singing, though the Woman did not seem amused.

Once he's got a stronger voice, I am going to introduce him to the 3 a.m. bathroom choral. The Woman is going to be so proud.

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