The Woman's closet has no door handle. To get in you just pull and it opens. Easy. And there's lots of fun things to explore in the closet...a pile of blankets, old broken shiny things (she says they're "trophies" but I haven't figured out what she's ever done that's so spectacular she'd get an award for it,) and there are lots of her favorite shoes to sniff and throw up in.

It's just a fun place.

When you open the door, it makes this "thoooiiiiinnng" kind of sound. It's a funny kind of sound, but it's not very loud.

Well, it's not usually loud.

Evidently, at 2 a.m., it's quite loud and can make her jump out of bed huffing, "What the he..."

And then she asks, "What do you think you're doing?"

Duh, lady, I'm getting into the closet.

One would think she'd be very proud of me for being able to open the door by myself, so I don't have to wake her up to do it for me. But no...she's never proud of the things I learn.

That's probably why she took the dresser out of the bathroom. Just so I wouldn't have a place to stand where I can reach the light switches.

Come March 1st she better do more than her fair share of feline appreciating.

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