The Man came to the rescue and fixed the problem that was making the Woman say such nasty things to the computer. She still doesn't like the computer and says that she's going to take it outside and shoot it as soon as she can buy a new one, but as long as I can use it, I don't care. If she gets a new one, it needs to have a screen like her TV has. Something really big so I can see my picture even better.

But the reall issue of the day: a few days ago I overheard the Woman talking into the thing she holds up to her ear, and I specifically heard her say that I deserved some shrimp. But you know what? I have not gotten any shrimp, and I've been extremely patient about it. It's time to cough up the shrimp, Woman! You told the ear thingy that I deserved some, so where the heck is it???

I'll be nice. I'll share some of it with the Man. But you better go get my shrimp. You own things that you really like that my teeth can turn into kitty art. Remember that...

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