Victory was mine this morning.
Ohhh yeah.

I was hungry early and knew I would need to get the Woman up before she wanted to get up, but she keeps that stupid water bottle by the bed, and if I annoy her too much, she actually squirts me with it!

Well...I am a master of the pre-emptive strike. Before I commenced with the Getting The Woman Up And Moving, I knocked that water bottle off the nightstand and pushed it into the bathroom. I figured it she wanted to use it, she'd have to get out of bed to get it, and if she's up, she might as well feed me!

Oh, man, am I good, or what?

Once the water bottle was safely out of the way I started crawling all over her and meowing and then escalated the effort into jumping on her and head butting. And it worked! One time she reached for the bottle but it wasn't there, abd dang was she surprised!

I think she called me a bad name or two under her breath, but up she got and fed I was!

She really should appreciate my efforts, because if she gets up early, that just means she has more time to get stuff done during the day.

Quite considerate of me, I think.

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