There was no shrimp today. Not only that, but while they were moving the Younger Human's things in, they moved the dresser out of the bathroom. You kno what that means? It means I can't reach the freaking light switch, so I can't amuse myself by turning the bathroom lights off and on!

Then this afternoon, while I was eating my dinner, the Man set off the smoke alarm. At first I thought "Dinner is ready!" but then I realized the Woman wasn't even cooking. The noise was especially loud, so I went to the back of the apartment to get away from it (no, I didn't run and hide like a girly man...I just needed to get away from it) and when it was quiet again, my head hurt from all the loud noise and I had to lie down. I left my dinner in the kitchen!

Lucky for me the Woman wasn't foolish enough to get rid of it. Because then I would have had to get all bitey on her, and she doesn't taste as good as fish.

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