The People had tacos for dinner tonight, and let me tell you, those things didn't smell especially wonderful. I sat at my regualr spot, on the tall counter that overlooks the kitchen and dining room and watched, but I sure didn't want any of that. And I wondered how they could eat it.

Surely, this must be one of those things they tell me not to eat because flames will come shooting out my ass. Which also tells me I don't want to sleep with either one of them tonight.

They were late with mydinner tonight. But when they want to eat, you can be sure they eat when they want. And what they want, which apparently isn't always the smart thing to eat. Those tacos are proof of that.

I am so not sharing the $10.50 in accured royalties with them. I'm going to buy me some shrimp.

If I can get a ride to the store, that is.

Maybe I'll share it to the tune of a chocolate bar for the Woman, but that's it.

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