I am so grossed out today, I'm not sure I can even describe the horror of this morning.

The Woman simply did not want to drag her sorry butt out of bed this morning, so I did a little tap dance across her stomach,a little not-so-gentle body slamming across several different body parts, and when she still didn't budge, I crept up next to her head, stuck my nose in her ear, and inhaled deeply.

That usually works.

But this time. Gag me. This thing came out of her ear. It was big and sticky and kind of flaky, and it stuck to my nose. It was disgusting.

And she woke up all right...I was thrashing around, trying to get her ear crap off my nose, and she just laughed at me. Did she try to help? Hell, no that would have been the NICE thing to do.

That stuff was so obnoxious that I didn't even bother to taste it to see if it was edible.

Just... -gag-

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