Doods! It's so simple!

Posted by Max | Posted on 9/04/2014 02:55:00 PM

We just have to get our people to eat at their desks! And if you let them see this, don't worry. They won't think "Oh, kitty will steal my food." They'll only think, "Man...I want pizza."

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MOL! Dat looks like somefin I'd do!

Cool move! Too bad my human refuses to leave her plate!

Now if I could just find a good delivery source in my area! Most good pizza makers don't deliver in my area. Going a few miles extra is just not for them! Grrrrrrrrrrr Seriously!

That is sooo cute!
How about a Twinkie for dessert!

GENIUS,!! I try that with stuff on the plates, but they always see me do it.

Man... I want pizza.

Yay...he got it!!

For some reason I want pizza....

We had pizza last night cuz my mom was too lazy to make real food for dinner. I always make sure I get my usual limit of 3 slices of pepperoni. I am a cat that loves spicy food when I can get my paws on some. My mom says it gives her heartburn so she picks all the spiciness off her slices & gives them to me. I have a cast iron stomach & love spicy food so I have no problem disposing of the for her. OK so it gives me a little gas, but not until a few hours later when I will just be driftin' off to slumber land high atop old mom's large hip with my tail pointed towards mom's head. Then she'll mutter somethin' about never givin' me pepperoni again cuz it makes me gassy, but she'll forget about it all by morning. I love me some spiciness! Get some any way you can.

man.. I want pizza..

We let our old dood Buddy snag the noms. He is better at it as Dad thinks he is kyoot and will whack me oButtons or Toby or Rumpy or... well all of us but Buddy. Cant figgure that out as the old one is HUGE and sure dont need the cals anymeow