Oh, Man, it was golden...

Posted by Max | Posted on 9/07/2014 08:08:00 PM

First, you have to see the picture.

This is the fake fireplace. No one ever uses it because it's fake. Plus, it's in the front room and I'm about the only one who spends any time in there.

Buddah likes being on top of the fake fireplace. This is important.

#1 - where Buddah was.
#2 - where Buddah wanted to be; there's a ledge where that blue line is.
#3 - where Buddah wound up.


He tried to jump from the fake fireplace to the ledge (he's done it a bajillion times before) but he didn't get enough lift or butt-spring or something, and he wound up in the water fountain.

No worries. The only thing injured was his dignity.

He didn't get just a little wet; his whole right side was soaked. He ran from the fountain, into the living room and then into the dining area and jumped on the table and stood there like he didn't know what to do.

At first the people were, "Oh, Buddah missed his jump" but then they saw all the water dripping off him and they were all "Oh, poor baby," and the Woman picked him up (which he allowed, most of the time he doesn't) and cuddled his wet sloppy self until the Man came in with a towel and tried to dry him off.

He let that happen, too.

When they set him on the counter and he started to slip because his paws were still wet, he let the Man pick him up so the Woman could dry his feet off.

That would normally never happen without blood coming out of one or both people.

Doods...I have to be honest. I watched this all happen and deep down, I was laughing.


Bonus: to distract him from his embarrassment (and he really was embarrassed), the Woman opened a can for us 15 minutes early.

AND I heard her ask the Man to build him another platform scratching post, so he would have an easier time going from the fake fireplace to the ledge.

It's kind of a disparity where cat things are concerned because he has WAY more than I do, but what the hell. It got us dinner early, and I bet it gets us treats when the Man actually makes it and brings it inside.

I think Buddah is still embarrassed, though, because he's curled up on top of his scratching post the Man made him a few years ago, and he never sleeps there.

No worries, I'll work on the Woman for a treat or two in a little bit. Maybe that'll help.

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On so many levels.

Too bad you couldn't get that on video, Max!

Well, Max, I don't blame you for enjoying this whole escapade. There's even a German word for it (schadenfreude) that I am pretty sure was coined by a katze who secretly loved watching his brother katze miss a jump. Problem is of course, that someday *you* will miss a jump and Buddah--oh wait, no--that'll never happen, Dood.

MOL, bet he wuz embarrassed!

Bwa haha! Did you roll around laughing or just have a discreet little snigger?

*blushing on buddah's behalf*

(giggling quietly behind the sofa)

Poor Buddah! I feel badly for him......but it is funny!

poor Buddah! ::snicker snicker:: that was an awful ::snicker titter snicker:: thing to happen to him. we hope he gets over it soon

bwahahahahahahahahaha - sorry we could not help it

That is sad, Max. The only funny thing about it is he missed an easy jump. It was embarrassing twice over for him. First to make the jump and miss and next to fall in water. Getting wet when you don't expect it is never fun.

The only thing better is if you coulda gotten that on video, Max. It woulda had about a jillion y-tube hits.

No pictures??? ;)

Poor guy, we all miss a jump now and then.

*snork* we'da paid a lotta cans of stinky goodness to see that! (if only to convince ourselfs that we ain't the ONLY ones who make @$$3$ of ourselfs wunst in a while.)

Poor Buddah, his fall came before his pride this time.

But you know what Max, maybe it's worth taking a dive into the fountain once in a while to get the stinky goodness early. Maybe you can convince him it isn't really that embarrassing...wink,wink!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Thanks so much fer comin to our Blogoversary Pawty! It wouldn't have been the same without you. We (collectively and even before the cats-who-came before blogged, TBT read your blog.

In a way, you are our god! You created US.

Laff yer ass off Max, its OK. Buddah did it to hisself dude.

Nothing like a brofur making like Walenda... The one that fell...