Posted by Max | Posted on 9/28/2014 12:26:00 PM

Well, clearly I can't take on the skwirrel, so I'mma gon' slap you instead...

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BOL! That is very funny!

That's funny! That is one very lucky squirrel.

Squerl - 1
cat #1 - 1
cat #2 - 0
Round 2 - yet to be determined.


Weird kitty!

What a cheeky squirrel.

MOL!!! Lucky squirrel

The Florida Furkids

lol.. priceless

The skwerl must have protected status at that house! Or the Grey/White one is being punished fer bein a poor guardcat. MOL!

BTW, Happy Calendar Day!

Oh my Ceiling Cat, that squirrel is asking for it!

Happy Calendar Cat Day Max.

Yep, Mr. Gray and White should have been on top of things.

That is one strange cat, all right. The bi-color is just minding his/her own business in a interspecies "do your own thing" way and out of nowhere gets FWWAAP!!ed. What a whole lot of no fun. Bet that squirrel laughed right at the fighter cat.

Hey Max we saw u was tha cat of tha day yesterday on tha cat blogsphere calandar. Your very handsome.

Wow, if we had any money, we'd donate. That sounds like fun. :)

There's a very good possibility that Mr. Orange is MY cat! My orange has a grey and white nemesis and just happens to have an unspoken "arrangement" with the local squirrels... they get along. "You leave me alone, I leave you alone, I chase cats away from you if they bother you."

I'm trying to find out if this is him. Everything matchers so far, down to his MISSING collar and red heart-shaped tag, missing since the end of September. (collar, not the cat! He's now indoors only and pretty angry!)