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Posted by Max | Posted on 9/10/2014 12:16:00 PM

...cuz I know not everyone plays there...

On Saturday I watched Doctor Who, because that's what we do on Saturdays because IT'S DOCTOR WHO!

And then 3 hours later, we watched it again, because IT'S DOCTOR WHO. Sunday I needed to share this because sometimes I am immature, and so is the Woman:

We watched Doctor Who a second time last night and it was still weird but we still liked it and thought it was funny, especially when the Woman was all DID THE DOCTOR JUST FLIP OFF ROBIN HOOD??? And then she got online and other people saw it too and even got a picture of it. Doods, I totally less than 3 this Doctor...

And because the Woman is like 12 years old deep down, she shared the picture she found with everyone.


Ok, you can open your eyes now. 

And yesterday I shared a random think:

In general, I don't like the Peoples' rumbly bikes because they're loud and they take the People away for hours at a time, but I must say, when they come home they smell like outside things and I enjoy making the Woman uncomfortable by sniffing her for a good 15 minutes or so.

She really does smell of interesting outside things whens he comes home. Her legs especially smell like wind and sunshine and dead bugs and I think a little bit of scaredy-cat, probably because as she's zooming around on her rumbly bike she screams things like OMG I'M GOING TO DIE and GET YOUR FRAKKING CAR OFF MY BUMPER as well as a bunch of things off the Bad Word List.

Still, she likes it...and I do enjoy sniffing her until she tells me it's getting a little weird. And then I sniff for a few more minutes, because half the fun in doing it is weirding her out.

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She could retaliate by sniffing your neck. Not sure why but kitten neck perfume is one of the best smells in the whole world.

I like smellin my momma sometimes too.

Sometimes when I sniff my mum she starts to sniff me back. I whap her a good one when she does that.

Sniff on, Mr. Awesome! Since you never go outside, it is good that she brings it to you inside.

I would love to watch Doctor Who, but I don't have cable. I get the DVDs. I love the way you weird out the Woman by sniffing her. My kitties sniff me when I come in from outside sometimes, but they don't do it for long.

canI open my eyes nos?

We dont watch Dr Who much. TBT hasnt liked the last couple much. So we see an ocassional old one or the Specials.

That Woman saw your Woman's picture of you watchin The Doctor and right then, the kitten Cosmos got up in her lap and was watchin Dr. Who too (heeheeh whotoo) and then we saw you said he did the secret bird and so we had to watch it again too. We think there's some parallel universal thing happening except the part where your Woman rides murdercycles. Here in sunny, busy, rude Ca. you gotsta be all kinda crazy to ride them things. That Woman was just riding her old lady bicycle and even crossing the street the cars are rude and don't even look. That Woman says your Woman should be carefuls cos we love reading you guys and especially Max's thinks.
Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Yeah the doc is pretty cool
Wish I had a time warp hoozie-gigger
I think Dad wants the girl but...
Never mind...