Been a bit blog blocked...

Posted by Max | Posted on 8/31/2014 08:20:00 PM

...well, that and the People have been "busy" this week which seems to also mean "no significant computer time for Max," so I leave you with this to entertain you:

I'd play that game.

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MOL, dat looks like fun!

MOL, Max! Where do you find these?!

Looks fun! I wonder if my mum would get me one.

Think Mommy would save some pennies and get ME one? Looks like a lot of fun.

I miss the blog but at least I got my Monday dose of Max through my Mousebreath newsletter

MOL! We wanna play too!

MOL. I look forward to your unblockage, Mr. Awesome! Your blog puts sunshine in my day.

MOL! That looks like a furry fun game, we'd play it too.

the people need to get their priorities straight!