Aw, man, Mao...

Posted by Max | Posted on 9/16/2014 10:21:00 AM

...who's gonna fill in for me on Ask Max Monday when I need a day off? No one else can do it like you do. No one else gets it the way you do.

Give Skeezix and the rest of our buds headbutts for me...and that's the only thing making me not leak like crazy--you're with Skeezix again, and that must make him 739 kinds of happy.

Fark it, I lied. I'm leaking.

I'll see you on the flipside, dood.

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Thank you, Max. He had CRF, but I think he died from loneliness, he missed Skeez so much. I'm glad they're back together -- and with Junior as well.

*hands tissue*

I'm so sorry

Ugh....need tissues

Oh no! I didn't know he had CRF. We have tears here too. You will be sadly missed Mao. Purrs to your family.

OH NO......we're all leaky eyed too. We're so sorry that Mao has gone to the Bridge. We know Skeezix will take care of him. Thanks for letting us know.

The Florida Furkids

We are leaking, here, too! We know he is happy and out of pain with Skieezix.

We are leaking, here, too! We know he is happy and out of pain with Skieezix.

nooooooooooo the mom is leaking big time. we are happy that Mao is with Skeezy, but it's not good that we are all leaking.

Mao, dood, seriously, the Bridge has no idea what just hit.....

Here's what stuck mom, it's almost Skeez's birthday...what a gift. Dang Mao, why'd you have to leave us...need more tissues.

Oh man, this is very sad news :(
While we know Mao is happy to be with Skeezix, we understand that his family is hurting.
We send comforting purrs to them.
The loss of another icon is tough.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

I'm with yoo. I wanna be happy he's with Skeez, but...sad feelings. Mao never got enough credit for his photos. His Hanukkaa pic is legend.

Oh, no. We're sorry Mao has joined Skeezix. We know his family will miss him like crazy and so will his friends.

We are so very sorry to hear this. Comforting purrs.

RIP Mao.

We lost another original.

Oh no! Leaking like a heavy rain storm! Too many crossing! So sad. Purayers and hugs to Ksren and family. :-(

We're so sorry to hear about Mao. :(

I am sorry for your loss Karen but glad that Mao is now with Skeezix....they are best friends and kin. Frolic together my friends!


We did not know him well except by reputation around the CB. But our purrs to him and his...

Sending loving thoughts. We are sorry and sad. Love, Cobalt and humans

So very sorry to hear about Mao but if he's with his buddy and pal Skeezix now, that truly IS "heaven"......

Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam

We are leaking here and so sorry that Maobert ran off but are happy that he is back with his buddy, Skeezix.

Purrrrrrrrrs, Spike William

Thanks Max. Just heard about Maubert. A Sad day for all.
Purrs Mao! You and Skeezix give us a wave and drop some kitty angel dust as you fly by.

We were sorry to read that CRF took Mao know his family will miss him something awful.