The Party Was AWESOME!!!

Posted by Max | Posted on 10/28/2013 12:00:00 AM

Doods! That was an off-the-hook party and it made my 10th about 53 kinds of wicked cool! Thanks for coming and playing and eating and drinking...and whoever pooped outside the box by the washing machine...heh. The Woman said to thank everyone because as house trashing parties go, you guys were nice and tidy and didn't leave a huge mess, and the guest dogs even licked all the plates clean!

After everyone left, we sat down and ran the number of comment minus the ones she and I made through a generator, and these are the ten commenters that are going to get an Amazon gift card:

  • Tillie and Georgia
  • Shaggy and Scout
  • MargB
  • The Meezers & Billy
  • Jeter Harris
  • Kate
  • Darling Millie
  • conny warren
  • Beau Beau & Angie
  • amorrissey (Kaylee, Scrappy, etc.)
Those were the names used to comment with. If it's you, drop the Woman a line at kathompson -at- gmail -dot - com and put "Max's 10th" in the subject line. In the message, please leave your name and snail mail address is you want a physical card. If you want just the Amazon gift code (which you can use just like the card, but quicker) just tell her your name and the email address you want her to send it to.

Don't be shy...if you won, let us know! The holidays are coming and you can use your card to get anything Amazon sells!

I really wish I could give everyone who came a card, so I hope my genuine thanks is enough for those who didn't win. These last 10 years have been 1,467,198,399 kinds of awesome fun, and it would have sucked donkey balls without you all.

Thanks, doods. YOU ROCK!!!

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Concatulations to all the winners - that was a great party, Max!!!

Glad you had a paw-some time! Taz is kinda jealous 'cause he's still too young to drink those nipojitos and niparitas. I've told him not til he's two!

We came home very tired and fell into bed! Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to the winners.Thanks for having the party,it was the best. Thank you Mrs.T for letting all of us get in your way for two solid days.

Congratulations to all the winners. We see that our 'fur cousins'- Tillie and Georgia - are one of the winners, very exciting!!

Thanks, Max, for throwing such a great party.

Congrats to all Max!!!!!
Marty the Manx

We're still recuperating from your awesome party, Max! Congrats to the winners!

Wowzers!!!! We won? How cool is that!
We are so excited we are going to trash our place ;) heehee
We had a pawsome time Max.
It was the party we could not miss!!!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

The girls (Spikey and Betty Lou) said to thank you for a very awesome party. My apologies if Spikey gobbled up all the shrimpies, they are her very favorite.
Love, Terri (Spikey and Betty Lou's meowmy)

Whoo Hooo we won a card! We never win anything! Your party rocked Max and it's great that the woman was so cool about it. Will drop you an email to confirm the info! Amazon is our Moms #1 book shopping place for real & kindle books so she'll probably steal it from us. Thanks!

Thanks so much for the gift max. Cat toys for the babies.

Holy Toledo! I won! Thank you Max, for the great party, and the prizes. You and the woman Rock!

Concats! And Dood, I didn't even have a nipover!

We had a blast, thanks for having a reason to have a party!

Winning for me was just taking part in your celebration, Max. I am thrilled for you and the woman and wish you many many more years of being together and blogging. I have never been at such a fantastic party with such amazing and fun-loving cats! Thank you!

Also, thanks to you and the great kittehs on mousebreath, my kitteh that wad down to 9.5 pounds is doing fantastic! The specialist has treated him for hyperactive thyroid and he is home...eating lots of great gooshy foods and is up a few pounds! I can't thank you and the cats at mousebreath enough for helping us through that rough time in our lives!

It was a great party Max! Concats to all the winners.


Great party and thanks so much for the pawsome gift card!

Dip & Dot