Posted by Max | Posted on 10/24/2013 01:26:00 PM

Yep, Just two more days until my 10th blogoversary. 

You're gonna come celebrate with me, right? 

There just might be a giveaway, so you don't wanna miss it!

Maybe we'll even sit on Buddah's toys!
Don't forget! 

October 26th, 2013!

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10 years! WOW,you da man Max!!!
We would be delighted to help you celebrate that milestone!!!!!!!!!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

How exciting!!! We'll be back to celebrate!

The Florida Furkids

Maxie poo we wouldn't miss it for the world. It's going to be a blast dood. Srsly. We're ready to pawty! Bring it on!!!
Angel Normie, Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

DOOD that is pawsome. Wow you have always been our idol! YOU are a trailblazer!!!

Concats Max! Great picture of you too!

Dip & Dot

Oh, I will totally be there, Max!

Caturday! Perfect!
2 paws up (picture thumb, sigh)

We wouldn't miss it, Max.

That would be on Caturday. We will stop by.

Wow! Let us wish you an early Happy Blogaversary! See you on Caturday!

We will be there!

Been counting down the days til the blogaversary and hoping the woman's cold didn't make her forget about your day. If I can suggest a food choice for your party, how about honey ham? Yeah it's people food but you deserve it.

Wow 10 years! I have been reading since my mother gave me the article out of the paper! I don't know how long that's been. My mother just had her 70th birthday and I gave her one of the humans puple/pink t-shirts cause not only does she like the colors but she likes that song I WOULD WALK 500 miles so I told her to sport it around Vacaville and maybe some day she will get to meet your humans! Happy BLOG-o-versary!

Happy Blogo-versary Max! Ten amazing years! I owe you big time, because if it wasn't for YOU, I wouldn't be here in my furrever home!

Thanks Max! You ROCK!
your furriend,

PS, Thanks for the partay!

Dood, the nip - nom nomm nom - is the best! Nomm nom nom So um, yea, 10 years is impawsive! Concats - shrimps nom nom - nip ........... Thanks!

You rock Max! Holy carp the nip if flying like dust in our house around here. Love it!

Your blogoversary is so important, mom actually posted on my blog about it today! She got all misty eyed and keeps giving me extra treats. Lovin that too.

Bendrix! We don't dogpaddle in the niptini bowl! It's tacky...but delish...*woozy and slurs* what was I saying???? *floating on my back*