Dang. Six Days?

Posted by Max | Posted on 10/12/2013 02:33:00 PM

Yeah, doods, I really didn't mean to go almost a whole week without posting anything. I'm not exactly sorry about that, though, because I've been busy sitting in front of the open window while cool breezes come through the screen.

Yep, that's what I've been doing: just enjoying the nice weather and that the People have windows and the front door open. If I'm not asleep, I'm either looking out the window or looking out the front door and soaking up the Cool.

And oh man, I can see more out the front door now! A few weeks ago the Younger Human came over and chopped up the giant bush that was blocking me being able to see anything. There's still not much to see, but at least I can see more of the Not Much.

Also, I heard the Man say something about calling Fireplace Guy to come clean the fireplace, and that means Fireplace Weather is coming soon! I'll have open windows during the day and warms at night.

It's a good life, it really is.

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Sounds like you'll be totally independent before long. If you work it right you can ask for a food fountain so you won't have to wake up the woman.

Oh love the idea of the fireplace guy. I can't wait!

The mom had to close some windows today...it's getting a bit chilly here in MA. We are annoyed though...she doesn't want to turn on the warms until November...longer if she can handle it!

Dip & Dot

Us too Max. The Mom has had our window AND the door to the porch open for us most of the day lately. She keeps talking about getting us a fireplace when she fixes the porch up....she owes it to us now since she took us to THE STABBY PLACE today! She should get one for us THIS year.

Marty the Manx and Ralphie

Fireplaces totally rock but we can't have one because "that idiot keeps burning his whiskers off on one side." I think she means teh dad.

We is happy you is getting some cools!
Enjoy the view.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Life is good for you, Max

My Human has been more unreliable that EVER lately. Some days I don't get to post and sometimes I don't even get to visit either. She's gotten a LOT lazier than she used to be. I wonder just how OLD she really is, anyway?

You're living a great cat life Max! Good news about the sightlines around the bush and the nice open windows!

Awesomme thinks! Sounds like a superidea, Max!

Awesome thinks there! Max, that is a great idea and it is totally worth it!

Awesomme thinks! Sounds like a superidea, Max!

we wish we had a fire place. that would be neat

Open windows (with screens) are wunnerful this time of year! An we're glad ya got a better view on things with a Bush gone. TBT has been sayin that since 2008...