Posted by Max | Posted on 10/20/2013 11:03:00 PM

The Woman has had a cold for the last few days. This means lots of noise coming from her, as she sniffs and coughs and sneezes and hacks. It's disgusting, but there's not a lot I can do about it.

It also means lots of naps, because she sleeps a lot when she doesn't feel well. I don't mind this at all, because it means she leaves a giant warm place for me to curl up on after she gets up.

Another bonus is that she doesn't feel like doing much, so she sits here and watches TV all day when she's not napping, and I get her lap.

But tonight she crossed a line.

Tonight, as I jumped into her lap, she sneezed. And it wasn't one of those achoo sneezes. It was an ACHOO sneeze, the kind that hits a person so fast they can't cover their mouth. And she sneezed that giant surprise sneeze right into my face.


I know it's not her fault, but I'm not so sure I can forgive her for it. Because...doods...cooties.

I'm crawling with people-cooties.



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Ewww, Max! This is why I tend to avoid my human when she is not feeling well - I don't want human germs OR cooties!

If my human sneezes on me when I'm on her lap, I use my claws. I have claws. On all four feet. And I'm a little "delicate" when it comes to sudden noises. I jump. And you know when we jump, we must get traction. What better place than a lap? I usually avoid the cooties, but some of the language I've heard from the human makes me blush. Then she grumbles about scratches from me. I would think she would wear them like a badge of honor.

Eeerrrk ! Disgusting ! Germs-free purrs

Oh, ick is right.

I hope you made Buddah lick it off.

Yuck. I hate it when that happens. And I'm not nearly as forgiving as you either.

I woke up with a sneeze, which is the second rudest thing a body can do to you, the first being snezing on a kitty.


oh my bast. it's one thing if WE sneeze in THEIR mouths, as often happens in our house. But when they sneeze on US, well, that's the one time we think we could actually use a shower.

Oh Max,so sorry to hear that. You're right, it IS gross. Hopefully the woman apologised to you. Also you don't catch her cold. Germs seem to be going around these days pretty much everywhere.

Yuck! People sneeze cooties!

Max, there's nothing worse than when the humans are sick. We hope the Woman feels better soon...for your sake.

Human cooties!

Poor Max, that is just gruesome!

Mom says we should be sorry for you mom too for feeling so sick. Okay we're sorry she is sick too.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Poor Max! I know you feel cootified and I hope you stay well. So sorry the woman has that cold cuz I have had it and it's definitely not fun. Try to keep well yourself cause you have a big blog anniversary coming up soon! Ya think Buddah would clean ya off? I think he'd be glad to help you!

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