I don't eat those. Nope.

Posted by Max | Posted on 10/04/2013 10:06:00 PM

There was one of these thingies flying around the living room tonight. I noticed it because the Woman was all, "Holy carp, you guys, DO YOUR CAT JOB!" while wagging her pointy finger at it as it darted back and forth.

I admit, I was interested for a few seconds, because, hey! Flying thing!

But then I realized I would have to chase it. Then catch it. And then she would want me to eat it instead of just ripping its wings off.

I'm down with ripping off the wings. Not so much with eating it.

So I chased it for like 5 seconds, and Buddah chased it. I jumped up on a chair to watch, and he managed to smack it out of the air with his paw, and I think he hurt it because it sure as heck wasn't flying anywhere after that.

I don't know if Buddah ate it or not because I didn't want to watch that part of it, but no one can find it now and he was heard burping as he walked down the hall.

For about a minute, it really was entertaining. Buddah is useful after all...

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Max, you are missing out! Moths are tasty and full of protein.

I like crickets, they hop really well. At least until their legs fall off, then my girl throws them away. She thinks they are gross, but I think they might taste good. Hope Budda enjoyed his treat. Did it taste like chicken?

Those things can be a bit dry going down!

We hope Buddha enjoyed this flying snack ! Purrs

Those thingies are okay, a little dry, but my personal favorites are cicadas. When I sit out on my balcony, for some reason those dummies land there and become my personal toys! I grab them up in my mouth and scoot in my kitteh door and take them inside to share with my bro and sissies! We usually all gather in a circle around, but the bestest part is when The Mom freaks out. Oh yeah, that's the best part...


Mom wonts let us eat those, at least she tries to take them away Donts tell her but sometimes we gets them in the sunny room at night...when its not sunny anymore...and we eats 'em before she sees us. MOL

Have a great weekend!

Max, we're with you. We play with those things until they're deaded. Then we let the mom clean up the mess.

We had one of those this week and Kirby ate it! Yuck!