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Doods, it's here! I made it to 10 years with my blog, and that means we need to PARTY! Everyone transport over and we'll trash this place like no place has ever been trashed before!

There's food:

Real live fresh dead shrimps!
Hot dogs!
And for your beverage pleasures: Nipojitos and Niptinis:

Freshly made!
Plus, I have a couple of water fountains and Buddah has a mug for those who choose to not imbibe.

And we have toys!

The best nip bananas
Funky green things!
And for those who prefer to get their nip fresh for rolling in or nomming:

The music will be loud, the play rough as you want (or not), the food drinks plentiful (the Woman will replace as needed, so nom all you want), and doods, the fact that you're here will make this party TEN KINDS OF AWESOME!

Now, it's not a party without prizes, right? So at the end of the party--the People say we have to be done by Sunday at around 8pm Pacific Time--there will be prizes.

Since it's my 10th blogoversary, 10 of you doods are going to win a $25 Amazon gift card. All you have to do is comment. Comment anything you want (but play nice!) and comment as often as you want (but you know, not just "comment." PLAY WITH US!) After the party is over, I'll number the comments, and run them through a random number generator, and then post the lucky winners.

So party your asterisks off until Sunday and then come back Monday to see if you're gonna get to shop at Amazon!

And doods...thank you for all these wicked fun years. When I started blogging I couldn't find any other kitties and thought it was just me talking to the people out there. But then I found Timothy Dickens and Prince Muddy Paws, and others followed, and the CB has EXPLODED since then. It's been amazing.

So yeah, we deserve a PARTY?



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*grabs a Niptini, raises it* To Max! The greatest psychokitty I know!


We are here for your party, chasing you around and racing you for the best food! We are dogs, but understand ten is like forever in cat years! Well done blogging for so long - you obviously have trained your human to carry out your the menial tasks, like typing, well.

Riley and Enzo

As you can see above, my human adds extra words like "the" to confuse things when I try to comment! can we swap humans?

-rolling in the 'nip before hitting the toona joose- concatulations on 10 paw some years Max! Our Hooman Meowmy reads you all the time, you make her smile LOTS!

The Feline Five (Formerly the Feline Sextet)

Max you are the awesomest dood on the interwebs Here's to another 10 years of laughs and love.

Charlie and William here;
Those bananas look great we don't have those in England.... oh and some real live dead shrimp please....ooh niptinis!

Awsome party Max! Happy blogaversity!

Shoot! I wanted to be the FIRST but teh Human with the THUMBS got all distracted, and here it is 12:26 a.m. and FIVE people beat us!

CONGRATULATIONS Max and TW! Ten years is longer than I've been ALIVE, Dood (well, not much longer, I admit) and it is just freaking awesome that you have been blogging all this time! You're an IDOL Max--you are the coolest Dood this side of Paris. You're Humphrey Bogart, Paul Newman and David Bowie all rolled up into one guy, with FUR. Cheers, Max--here's to ten more!

Hey Max, Morgan & Maisie here. Happy Blogoversary! We're bring our kitties Laura and Josie for some real live fresh dead shrimps, and ham. we'll have some fresh dead cow and hot dogs please. Mom raises a niptini to you and we wish you many more years of blogging.

Make that SEVEN.

Pee Ess: we made mom stay up late so we could get started right from the get-go.Your Pals, Morgan & Maisie, Laura & Josie.

Max, Spencer went to bed early. She is a cranky oldster these days. Maybe we will check in later this afternoon. After our 4th nap. Have a sip of 'tini for us.

Happy blogoversary, Max! May teh Woman, teh Manthingy, and teh boy shower you with the adoration that you so rightly deserve!

Wow, Max, what an awesome party! And that is a crazy giveaway! Paws up to you for 10 great blogging years - and here's to 10 more!!!

This is Vicki, Nugget, and Sophia, wishing you another 10 blog years. Stay psycho, dood, and make sure the People, Buddah Pest, and the Stabby Guy know who's the boss.

Happy Blogoversary Max!! Blue Cat and I are looking forward to many more!!

Totally awesome Max, happy blogoversary and here's to many more posts, best wishes from Australia. Sasha x



Hey Max!

Happy blogaversery!

We brought meowgeritas for the bar and a large assortment of Temptations for anyone that wants treats.

Thanks for your wonderful Blog! I've been following it since I found your books. Go give something a toothy death for me and my cats!

deer max
it haz been sum time since mi paws hav hit da iPad ... but lemme see if I still hav da stuff.
happy blogoversary mi frend. yer da gratest! u make me laff an u make me think!
heer'z to many more yeerz uv maxizmz fer all uv us to enjoy!
luv ... yer grate an fabyoolus frend ...
jeter harris, hizself

Happy Blogaversary Max. Have been reading your blog for about 6-7 yrs now. My human loves to read it to me. She laughs and sometimes gets watery eyes. I will try to come to the party..I love that nip!

Dusty the cat and her human Jeannie

Happy 10th Blogoversary Max!!!!
We are so happy to share in this amazing event!You da man Max!
Not to mention that you have great noms and toys ;)
LET'S PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

From one black and white kitty to another, happy anniversary!

~Hermes and Sheena

Happy 10th, Max! Mum and Dad are having a sleepover at Gramma's today and tomorrow. We're up for a party, although we're kinda slow these days. Can we bring anything, like tuna juice or some cheese nibbles?

Zooooooooooom! Zoooooooom!! We wanna race aroiund the house to celebrate with you!! Mom has everyone of your posts since she found you (first with Fin and then with us). We think you're great (and your Woman is pretty great too!)!

Happy Anniversary! Hope there's lots more years to come!!

Greyson here - I'm told I'm a little bit of a greedy gus so I wanna win a prize please. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Blogoversary Max!!!

What a pawsome party you've got going on! Those funky green thingies look pretty fun and a perfect start to an epic game of THoE!

You were the first blog we read and we love of your books too!

Dip & Dot and Marg-mom

Happy Blogoversary Max!!!!! What a great party. We are off to fix our plates and mingle.

Shhhh Don't tell Mommy I am eating shrimp. ~Socks (who hates his y/d diet)

Happy 10th Blogoversary dood. Yowsa what a spread! What a pawty!!! You da man Max.
Angel Normie, Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis (a cool black and white dood like you)

It's like the ginchiest, you know! Pawty on!

Max dood congrats on 10 years of blogging. We just recently started following you but dood you are hilarious!! Hey here's to many more blogging years!!
Patrick Reeses and Toby

You're right, after 10 years you deserve a blg blowout. Happy Blogoversary, Max. You have sure livened up the blogosphere.

I'm a relatively new reader. I just want to thank you for blogging. It's always though provoking, and most of time fun. On behalf of Knuckles who'd rather sleep in his tree than fool with the computer, I hope you go on for 10 more years. Party on!

Janet and Knuckles

I first started reading your blog with Smokey, the cat who came before. Now, Deuce and Purrl read looking over my shoulder. We look forward to your words of wisdom on a daily basis. Concatulations on 10 years, and we hope there are many more to come.

Beverly, Purrl and Deuce

Happy blogiversary Max! My cats Callie, George, Samwise, and Gypsy Rose all raise a niptini to you. I love reading your blog. Great job to an awesome cat.

Hey Max, Happy Anniversary from Britin and Sebastian. Mom gave us new nip toys so we could help celebrate!!!

Wait are there twinkies too. We want to try them! Awesome party. Nip :). Food :). It is also our human males birthday so we would rather hang here. We brought some whipped cream that was made for desert but we thought it would be more fun here.

Previous comments were pixel and samba. They forgot to sign them and used my id

Party on doods. My kids love to party and have already started in celebration of your 10th year of blogging. The hangover will be great but sometime ya just got to party.

What a pawsome party ! The food is tasteful, the niptinis purrfect, and we enjoyed rolling in the fresh nip : thank you Max, happy blogaversary ! Purrs

::stuffs real live dead shrimp in mouth:: hapfybogfersaryMaf!!!- Miles

::dives on the pile of nip nanners:: - WOOO HOOOO - great party Max!! Happy Blogaversary!!

ME bringed some of mine happy dance music!!! ::shakes his booty::

dance dance dance
dance dance dance
shake your booty
shake your booty!!!!!



HI MAX!!! Thank you for the invitashn to you party! It's real lots of fun!!!! ::grabs a green thing:: - THIS IS GREAT!!!!


Hi JFF gang we haven't seen you in ages. It is soo great to see our friends here.

Miles, you and Socks are really putting a dent in those shrimp. Good thing Max has an unlimited supply. And can you believe Fenris ate an entire ham by himself. What a pig.

Hi Max and happy blog-day! We are partying hardy for you! Long may you reign!

Happy blogoversary! from Feldmann the cat.

Happy Blogoversary Max. I am sending over my kitty Izzy along with some boxes to hide and play in. I hope there is room. We all know how much kitties like boxes, any size! Is it ok if Izzy brings his BFF Buddy the dog. Buddy is very polite to kitties and humans alike and he just hates staying home alone. We promise he will be good!

See you soon. We are most anxious to meet you in purrson! You are the very first blogger we read every morning.

Concatulations Max, it is because we found you on the web that I, Derby the Sassy Cat, starting blogging. I never knew before then that there so many cool cats and their beans out there.

::raises glass:: here's to 10 more years. Go Max!

Finnegan J. Katz, Esq., Dr. Buddy Longwhiskers and Princess Jazzy joining the party from Norf Carolina.

Congratulations on your blogoversary, Max!!! We started blogging after we found your blog too. You are a pioneer! Fank goodness you din't have to live in a covered waggin! We've learned a lot from you, met the greatest cats in the world, and expanded our vocabulary too.

Jazzy is going to find some other lady cats to have tea and a gossip, Buddy's up for some tub hockey, and I'm ready for a White Russian.

Cheers to Max!!!!


"Happy blogoversary, Max!" meows Minnie. "And where's da shrimps???"

I thinks it is awesome you have made 10 years! You've given a lot of people laughs and tears and all the good stuff. Congratulations Max!!!

DOOOOOD! Happy 10th Blogoversary from the gang in Salt Lake City!! You totally rock and that's the truth! Here's to 10 more!

Now, where's my nipotini? and I'll take some of that there real live fresh dead cow please! medium rare! *slurp*

Congratulations on 10 wonderful, snarky, funny years. Yours was the first cat blog I ever read--I never knew they existed--and it's been a great time!!

Love ya,
Terri (Spikey and Betty Lou's mom)

Sorry I'm late! My computer decided not to work. Concatulations Max! The party is awesome! Heading for the niptinis and then take a tumble in the nip pile!

Happy Blogoversary to you!
Happy Blogoversary to you!
Happy Blogoversary dear DOO-OOD!
Happy Blogoversary to you!

Here's to another ten or elebenty more.

Simon, Kimber, Xena, and Hannah
The Cats of the Wilson Zoo

(P.S. The slobbery dogs want to know if they can come to the party for the real live fresh dead MEAT?!?!?!)

(It's the nip. I swear, it's the nip making them sing. - The Human)

More Niptini plz!
So, the big wunno. 10 prime years of Glorious Poops, the DDB, surviving Killer Buddah Cooties, training the Woman, BOOKS.....
pretty impressive stuff Dood!


Woo Hoo! A big 10 years! That's longer than Gemini and I have been blogging by almost TWO YEARS! Gemini started in spring 2005. You go big guy!

Hey Max. My kitties and I love your posts. We don't comment very much (except to ask you on Ask Max) but this is Very Important.

Happy anniversary!


BURP!! err, umm, my Josie Cat hacked up a hairball over by that fireplace/heating thingy that's way too warm for me,(just letting your peoples know)
your pal Morgan

Hey Max! That nip is fantastic! The fresh dead cow and the hot dogs and shrimp are amazing! Mr. Snark, ya done great! Max your blogs are truly amazing and I hope one day that we all will meet and pawty together!

Ok.....where's the twinkies? I love those things! hey, Max, maybe I will send you a few boxes of twinlies to make your days more sweet than usual....now to find a twinkie dealer! LOL

The Krewe de Kattywampus wishes you 10 more glorious years of blogging, Mr. Max! Corbie thanks you for the ham; TK says great toys; divakittes Roo and Stinkerbellie want you to know they'd never be in the same room peacefully except for your blogaversary; and Uncle E and Tio Tyger are busy running around trying everything before their mandatory nap times! Thanks, dude! :)

Miu and Snax join the Blogiversary celebration. Or they would if they got along well enough to agree on anything except tuna water and treats. Miu was a grandmotherly-aged, mouse-ace when Snax intruded on her territory and stayed. Snax is a bumbling, giant, sweetheart with too short an attention span to catch anything except the occasional red laser spot. However, we: Ranger, Biged, and J, do celebrate in Max's honor. Well done, primary blogging cat, well done!

this is William Snapp, but from my Mum's account, cause it's on the phone....Wowie zowie. 10 years, I'm only half that old, and my Mum hardly ever helps me blog. I'm all about helping you pawty for it. I see you have some shrimps I live for shrimps. I'll be at the shrimp table, oh right after I chase this ball!

Twinkie twinkie awesome Max,
You're the best at feline facts.
On your puter or on your bed
You answer's true and quite well said
Being an awesome feline coach
Your wisdom is above reproach!

Twinkie twinkie awesome Max
Our feline idol with the facts.
You give advice that's very clear
So keep it coming year after year!

Song by Mighty Kitty with a bit of help from 4 niptinis!


This is a pawsome house-trashin, dood. Concatulations on 10 great years. Thank you fur being our furriends.


Nipped creme filled TWINKIES!!

We are on our way! Happy 10th blogoversary Max. Ten years is AMAZING! All the foods and drinks look great, and we cant wait to whap those brighly colored balls around.

Happy Happy Happy Blogoversary Max!!!
Dude, you've been an inspiration to our lives both through this blog and through your books. The blogosphere is richer for having your here. Thank you for all your pioneering work and for all the words you've coined that are commonplace now.Timothy Dickens & Prince Muddy Paws....so many memories there. We found Timothy first too! We love you Max! May this celebration and your life be filled with real live fresh dead everything, all the nip you can dream of, luxurious naps in front of the fireplace heat thingy and an excess of poop so that you may always make your displeasure evident!
Now......Where's the foods? We're here to party!!!

Happy Blogoversary Max! Ten years! That's mighty impurressive. We're going to grab a niptini, chow down on some of that ham and try those funky green things!

The Florida Furkids

Happy Blogiversary Max!! We brought boxes of Twinkies and some more Niparita fixins! Let's party on, we have some major celebrating to do! Raising our glasses in a toast to the bestest blog on the web! Congrats to you, Max, and keep up the good work! Great party!

Spunky, Buddy, Honey and Winky (and the Mom)

Max! Happy Blogoversary!! 10 years is amazing! And thank cod you're having a blogoversary because we never get hotdogs so we're gonna stuff our faces with them! Whoohoo!!

Ooh, Max!! I founded the real live fresh dead shrimps!! I'll be over here...



Happy Blogoversary Max! I just got out of lock up today so I went straight out and caught you ten fresh Devon mousies, one for each year. Right, I am going to have some of those tasty looking real live dead shrimp and then I'll be ready for THoE.

Max, you are our IDOL, dude! We've been reading your blog for at least six years and we LOVE it--never a lack of snark from you, sir.

We're all set to pawty, and we brought a lil' baggie of valerian with us to share out, and really get freaky...WAHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Ten years? MOUSES! That's AMAZIN'!

*raises a glass of nip beer*

To Max and ANOTHER ten years of bloggin' magic!

Goodness, ten years Max!! Well done! Definitely this is something to celebrate and we are more than willing to help you with that.


PS, keep up the good work,you have certainly inspired us over the years!

Congratulations on TEN years Max!!! Your's and Buddah's blogs were the first that Mom ever read. You are our idol.

Cody and Gracie

Ten years ... how magnificent! We thought we were doing well with 7!! But you're clearly far better at blogging than we are!

Marvelous party, doods!! Concatulations!!

Grace & Company

Happy blogoversary! We are so happy to have enjoyed your Blog for all these years. You truly are a pioneer and an inspiration.

Happy Blogoversary to you!
Happy Blogoversary to you!
Happy Blogoversary, dear Max,
Happy Blogoversary to you!
Wow, ten years! You ROCK, dude, and we Ballicai all love you! We're gonna get loopy on those yummy Niptinis, and Dorydoo says SHRIMPS, SHRIMPS, I love SHRIMPS! MaoMao's going for the ham, Brainball's gonna snarf on the dead cow, and Marilyn's gonna nom on the hot dogs. GREAT foodies! And Nipojitos to follow. PAW-TAY!!!!

Concatulations Max! Wow, ten years...I wasn't even borned ten years ago! Zippy says she's been reading yoor stuff fur most of her life, and I know Sadie still haf a big crush on yoo. But, know what's da best...dat yoor still blogging! Okay, where's dat shrimp platter....

Congratulations MAX! Awesome. HAving NIPtinis as we speak/write/ ooopps almost too many niptinis. Need Shrimp now K? Thx! PPUUURRRSS!!
Mom's driving so she had to come also!

Everything looks just so good, it's hard to know what to do first. Mind if l challenge you guys to a game of species optional nip-enhanced soccer. The woman will have so much fun playing she won't remember having written in her blog about how she said she helps you write your blog. Then she'll have to retract that statement and say she just makes sure it has all the words in the right places before you post it.
Happy blogoversary. May you keep on writing forever.

Happy Blogoversary!! sounds like a kickin party

Am I late? Cathy Keisha in da House! Cathy Keisha in da house! Let's get this pawty started with a tune by Pink. http://grooveshark.com/s/Get+The+Party+Started/4qQwQS?src=5 I'm not spam. I'm the premiere kitty DJ.


We are on our way over! What a partay!!!! Hubba dubba dooo! Happy 10th blogoversary Dude!

Luf, Us

Happy 10th Blogoversary! Truffle ran straight for the nip nanners.

Happy Blogoversary Dood!!!

Yaaaaayyyy,Twinkies and did.Now that night is coming on this party is in high gear and gets better with every hour that passes.

I heard a rumour there's ham.

Happy 10th anniversary Max, that is an impressive effort. I know my sister Huffle would have been so proud. And she would have wanted all the shrimps, she had a serious addiction to them.

Cathy Keisha, you look fabulous. Let's talk girlfriend. ~Scylla

Does anyone know how to teleport a rather large dog home? We thinks Fenny had to much to drinkie.

this is a pawsome milestone you've attained. Not many stay with it for 1 year much less 10. Wow think of all the changes you've seen. I mean when you started there was NO CB there was just a few random cat bloggers here and there scattered around the innernets. I bet you never imagined this day would come, but you've a lot to be proud of. So many of us look up to you on how to do blogging, you're the grand poop pa of blogdom! Here's to many many many more years of Blogging.

Happy Blog-o-versary Max! Mom has been reading your blog since before Buddah came to live with you. I am very happy because without you I wouldn't have my furrever home with my Mom. You will always have a very special place in my heart. You're like my special Uncle.

Hugs and purrs, your pal, Millie.

PS I am enjoying the party very much. It is a great opportunity to get together with all our blogging pals.

Oh wow,too much nip.Messed up my talking earlier.Gotta take a nap somewhere.

We forgot to say happy blogveersery. This is a great party. Wow too much nip and drinking. Nap time. Which was is the nap pile.

Pixel & samba

Happy blogoversary, Max. You're the reasons the Hotties started blogging. You little devil. I'm glad we've gotten to be with you.
purrrrrrs from all the Hotties
*scritches* from me

Congrats on 10 years of great blogging, Max. Ohhhh, scuse me, I gotta dive intot hat nip. Yipeeee! Best ever!

My kitties do not have their own blog but do enjoy yours. Cassidy absolutely has to be on the table wither her face right on the laptop while I read your blog. I hope for many more years of getting you opinion on everything.

Max, I think you and the woman have done famously not just with your party but with your blogs! You have made the CB and art form to be admired and treasured! When your next book comes out, I already have a ton of people who want to get it and read it! You go, Max!!! This pawty is awesome! Thank you for making my day!

EPIC round of THoE time!!!
zooms ----->

We see the party is still jumping and we do mean that literally. We got cats all of the place, jumping on the furniture, the counters, the kitty tower and each other!

Max, you do know how to throw a great blogoversary party.

Fennie can go in the garage to sober up. If he barfs...oh well, the Man can clean it up later.

Hahahaha Millie...I can be your creepy Uncle Max!

***slurring***Mom's been hitting the Boonsfarm hard cause she posted the other entry on the wrong post. duh.

*falls back into the niptini bowl* carp. oh man, I'll never get this smell out of my fur *hic* but that's ok...

*slurs* Max, Max, buddy, you're the best. No really, the best *hic* this is a great part...part...*hic* party...

Bendrix! Seriously, don't drink and climb dood. *thud*

Let's dance Billy! You've got some mooooooooooooooooves dood

Max,we have to go out. will you ask one of your peoples to take us?
your pals, Morgan and Maisie

Bravo, Dood!
Where is the ham?

Your pal Bocce Tabby

this game of
THoE is great! I only get to do this with sticky blurpy things at home

Hi Max! My name's Mayzie and I'm a D.O.G. but don't worry. I LUVS kittehs! In fact, I brought my kitteh brudder Smudge with me and he looks an awful lot like you.

I just wanted to stop by and say "CONGRATULATIONS" on blogging for ten whole years! That is PAWMAZING!

Oh, I better go. I see Smudge over there ordering a Niptini and believe me, that boy can NOT hold his nip!

Wiggles & Wags,

Man, I haven't seen some of you guys in ages and ages. Thank Bast some shrimp and ham sobered us up. Now we'll be ready for a second go around! Nip banana anyone?

Happy 10th! we are on our way. we are bringing toilet paper to shred!

We wished you happy 10 on FB but wanted ta come over and say how much we lubs ya right here on your blog! Hope there's twinkies for everykitty! We'll bring some too! Xoxo
Ms Stella O Houligan

* raises a nipojito and fistful of prawns to PhschoKitty *

Dude you rock and a 10th Blogoversary is a cause for great pride, and it's a great accomplishment. Well done to all of you and may your blog continue to flourish!

Harvey Button

Going to bed! G'night Max and thank you for your wonderful contribution to the CB. You stay around another 10-20 years and we will all be happy! Love ya, Max.

All right, all the dogs who need to go outside to take care of business, line up, I'll take you all.

And who missed the litterbox? I mean, nice that you were CLOSE, but come on...

After I take the dogs out, I'll refill the drinks and foods and make sure there's more fresh nip.

Okay, you left 13 minutes ago and I am *still* waiting for my Niptini refill. Oh yeah, that kitty who missed the box? Well, it *might* have been me -- guess I tried to hold it too long during the last THoE game.

Where's the "yarking a hairball" section?

Woot Woot PARTY!!!! We are in!!!! Congrats Max and The Woman!!!!!
Marty the Manx and the Gang

Wow, look at all the shed hair around. With the party still going strong today and all the hair around you'll be remembering this party for DAYS.

so I hear that if you haf a hangofur you should have some of "the hair of the dog that bit you". I don't remember getting bited by a woofie. Maybe I should just haf anofur niptini - Miles

::going through the fridge:: - does you haf any broccoli or corm stalks? I love those - Ssammy

Man, do you ever know how to part-ay!! Great food and plenty of it..we're so happy to celebrate with you, Max!!

We haven't been to a party in awhile and it feels good to see all our furriends and nobody's hogging the nip or nothin'.

We just wanted to come by and concatulate you and thank you...wait a minute, where's Anastasia?? We're getting ready to leave..oh, there she is..DANCING??
We're gonna grab her before she embarrasses herself totally..

Here's to many more blogs, pal,

Tinker, Angel Tom, Anastasia and cousin Mitty

Happy 10th blogoversarry Max! I enjoy reading your blog and the womans blog every week. I wish buddah would start blogging more as well.


Kaylee, Scrappy, Jojo and Courtney said thanks for the invite, did you want us to bring some milk?


Phil and Izzy are deep into the niptinis, so it's up to me to say Happy Blogversary, Max!

Cnga line to the niptinis!

Showing up late, but I'm here to join the celebration! Happy 10th anniversary, Max. I love coming here and I think you are the funniest cats I've ever known. Keep on keeping on, dood!

Rufus the Ragdoll

Wow Max, what a great party yesterday! We passed out from sheer exhaustion when we got home last night and are just waking up - or should I say just stumbling around late this morning in a haze. We enjoyed meeting you and so many others. Concatulations on 10 years Dude. We are off to order one of your books for our mom's Kindle.
Izzy & his doggy Buddy

I wants to go outside and nibble on grass, anyone care to join me?


Yayyy ! Happy 10th Blogoversary! Dat's definitely werth celebratin'. From da comments efurryone had a good time. Lot's of snoozin' and some still a partyin' away. We am so happy yoo have been bloggin' away fur 10 years. Hope to see yoo 10 more!

Paaaaarrrrtttaaaayyyyyyy. I just finished reading your books again Max. They make me giggle.

Sammy, look in the bottom fridge drawer. There's usually green things to nom on in there. Pretty sure there's some broccoli.

Happy Anniversary Max! Mom reads us your blog, in honor of her Max who passed away last year. She says you remind her of him, all black and white with lots of 'tude. Anyway, dood, party on!
Mooch, Trudy, Gracie, Mac, Chanel, Louie, Jack and Glen


First, happy blogoversary! Congrats! That's a major milestone and you should be very proud!

I started reading your blog 2 years ago after I found your books on Kindle. I have read all your books and catch up on your blog every few days.

You have helped provide insight into my crazy kitty.

Thanks again and keep on writing!

For this type of party, I'll come in from outside and partay!

Hey where is Buddah hiding?

Oh, uhm, hey... look at the time.... I need to snooze a bit then gets some work done... these nip-nanas are party favors right? I'll take a few... BratCat & Rags were bummed they had to Sparkysit and couldn't make it.
Max, you're the man-cat!


Hey trust our bean mom to get us here too late for the pawty!

But we wants to wish you a happy 10th blogoversary. It looks like you had a pawsome time!

Hope you have another great 10 years!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Dood! Ten years is like SOOOOO paw-some. I think. Right? I'm only a year and a half old and my furless mom and dad and my furless sister still have to read all your blogs and your books and stuff to me, 'cause I can't read yet! I'll be sure and ask my humans to give me some nip in your honor.


Master Dood Max, we are so into your party and our Mom let us have real live dead meat and niptinis and and and EVERYTHING!!! We follow you all the time and wish you another 10 years. Nimrod and Inara

I cames for some hams! I likes some hams. Yous the Mans. I been reading your blog since I was born, almost. I just started my own blog at tumbler. Hopes I can stay around like yous!

The Bama Kitty

Is this some kind of party or what? Kali is in love with the catatinis. I've never seen her so mellow...she's singing with some tuxie dude. They sound dreadful but they think they're the latest duo.

I love the real live dead cow....you spare no expense...I'm not hollering, "Where's the beef," anymore. Once again happy 10 years Max and thanks for all the food...I gotta try shrimp..*nom* *nom*....Shoko

Is anyone still here for a last round of THoE?

I'm in Beau Beau!!! Come on Jazzy, you too!!! < >

Thunderin' Buddy

We are going have to sleep all week to recover from this party. Never too much nip. This is a great pawty!

Pixel and samba

I discovered your blog a few years ago and look forward to each new post! Here's to ten more years!

Yur awesome!!! Thanks for ten awesome years!! Love., Punkin and da Shadow

DOODS!!! It was an AWESOME party! Thank you so much for coming and making my 10th a blast.

We're going to kick everyone out now (because the Woman is about 5 kinds of lame and wants to play online in a bit) and count the comments and then use a random generator to see who gets the gift cards!