An interjection from the Woman

Posted by Max | Posted on 10/03/2013 08:33:00 PM

A couple of people have asked about Max's health; they are worried because it seems like just before the release of Bite Me, and since then, he's talked a lot about death and dying, and a good deal of the book touches on the subject.

I just wanted to assure everyone that aside from being grumpy and 12, Max is fine.

I think that because of the book, and the timing of the loss of several of his friends here that it seems like he is death obsessed for a personal reason, but (barring anything catching us totally by surprise, and keeping in mind that he is a senior kitty) he's well.

I appreciate the concern. Thank you!

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Good to hear!

Senior kitty? He's only in the first flush of early middle age!

I'm glad he's doing well! My roommate Binga is 13 and she is as crazy as she ever was!

So glad he is going well. Now that Dip & Dot are 13, I often get a bit worrisome about them, though they have given me no reason.

I think the day Max posted late on Mousebreath, and one of the letters answered by Mao was about another kitty named Max also got everyone a bit worried.

Humans tend to get a bit morbid when their people die, so it's only natural that you should, too, Max! I bought one of your Woman's Boobie T-shirts in honor of my cousin who had died of breast cancer that week, and her death has me thinking about my own mortality. Hang in there, Max!

I thought that when you got Buddah and Max was ill that the vet discovered a problem with Max's pancreas. Am I mistaken?

I am very glad to hear that he, (Max), is doing well for a senior catizen.

Max!!! You are not a senior!!!! Nooo!!!
Snarkiness makes kitties live longer. So you are still very young.

Good to know, it would break Brat's heart if something was wrong with his idol in mischief!

Dee, when Max became ill after we got Buddah, the vet did discover he had pancreatitis, but after a year or so all his bloodwork came back as normal. We still avoid stressing him out because of it--just in case--but it's been years since it was a real issue for him.

=knock on wood= he might never have another problem with it.

We worry about him. Life would be very empty if the bridge called early. There have been too many important kitties that have moved on this year and we all worry about Max and The Woman

Kelly, Marty the Manx, Ralphie and the girls

Max...we know you got lots of years to torment the Woman ahead of you. :)

Yeah, the old boy has a few good years to be snarky yet.

I am glad. Ginger is glad. She's 14 and looks forward to growing old with Max around.


I am very glad that Max's problem with his pancreas has gone away. I am looking forward to many more years of Max's wisdom and snarkiness.

Thank you for answering my query; and for sharing Max and Buddah with us.


Thank you for letting us know Max is okay. As said by others - while reading his new book "Bite Me" I and all our Fur Babies were concerned about him and the rest of his family. Just a note to those who have yet to start reading "Bite Me" - LISTEN to Max! when he says get tissues - GET tissues! He always tells us like it is. :)