Ok, so I wasn't TOO neglected...

Posted by Max | Posted on 9/29/2013 10:32:00 PM

Good or bad, I wasn't as neglected as expected because the Woman came home a lot earlier than anyone expected, especially her. She drove all the way to San Francisco and checked into a hotel and met some pink people and had dinner with DKM, and then had to come home the next day. She didn't even get to walk for boobies.

Nope, not one step. Apparently she had issues of the litterbox variety, and didn't want to...you know...in front of a thousand other people.

So she came home and made a lap for me, and we watched stuff that she recorded on the DVR. Which for me is a good thing because I like watching TV from her lap. It's nice and warm and squishy, like a lap should be.

The problem was that we watched the last two episodes of Under the Dome, and guys...that was a so-so show with a WTF ending, and it really pissed us both off.

I needed her to make that up to me so tonight we're watching an old episode of Doctor Who, and that is much, much better. It's been so long since I've seen it that I'm all like OMG WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?! and that's exactly how good TV should be.

It's also distracting her from her boobie walk disappointment. I dunno why she's not happy, I mean she gave money for the boobies and it only means she didn't have to walk all those miles and sweat so much, and doods, let me tell you, she doesn't smell good after that.

Well, she doesn't smell very good most of the time, but after sweating. Yeah. Gross.

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That is sad that your human didn't get to do her walk. My human totally understands why she is disappointed.

don't worry dome will be back next year....and we get some new who in November...but you are being very good to your human while she feels yukky so I hope you get crunchy treats

Sorry that your mom didn't get to do her walk. We know it was important to her and to the ta-tas, but since did contribute and boobies all over the US stand perkily because of that. Also, Max, Under the Dome, the WTF is it got renewed for another season so now that they have make stuff up. They can count me out though.

We understand your Mom's disappointment, but happy you got to watch the Bad Wolf episode of Doctor Who. (We always like the thread that weaves between each episode of a season.) I hope your Mom is feeling better. Give her some purrs for us.

We're sad that your Mom didn't get to walk for the boobies. Many hugs to her.
Yeah, what was with "Under the Dome"? I doubt that it will come back, but could be wrong. TV is funny at times.

Luf, Us

We know how much the Woman loves to walk and what a disappointment it was, but her health is more important! And you got a nice warm squishy lap and DR WHO! We missed most of the season of Under the Dome because Time Warner and CBS were in a price war. Mom lost interest after that because she did not know what was going on!

We're sorry the Woman didn't get to do the boobie walk. We know she really wanted to. But at least she got to spend some extra time with you! The mom watched that Dome show too and thought pretty much the same thing...wtf. ;)

We is sorry your woman didn't get to walk and we hope she feels better soon!

We is happy you gets lap time though!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

I'm sorry the woman didn't get to walk, but making a lap is a good thing.

I couldn't agree more about under the dome. I should have given up on that show when they 'forgot' they threw a bomb at it that was supposed to destroy everything around it so that in the next show everything outside the dome was all green again..

aah.. bad wolf.. :) I can't believe that was all the way back in 2005

I wonder why she would want to walk when she can NAP. Clearly she doesn't have a cat bone in her body.

I wanted to thank you for your kind words about Pee Queen. I now sleep in her spot next to my mom. Oh, and I wanted to tell you about Under the Dome. My mom was so pissed off with it that she actually googled "under the dome WTF."