I will be neglected all weekend. Again.

Posted by Max | Posted on 9/25/2013 10:48:00 PM

The Woman, as she does a couple times a year, with intent to throw my routine into chaos, is running off to The Big City to do another of those boobie walks.

For the whole weekend.

While this is all well and good for the boobies, for me it means relying on the Man to open cans, and he doesn't always open them at the right time. AND he skips the late night snack because of "work."

I knew it was coming up when she painted her head all pink again (and I'm really getting tired of that shirt. She wears that shirt all.the.time) but I thought I might have another weekend or so.

She really should consider how this impacts me.

And holy carp, look how big her forehead is in that picture. That's freaking huge. It must be all that internal hot air... I think the dye trapped it in.

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MOL, Max! I think it is kind of awesome she does these events every year.

You're right, Max. You do have an image to maintain, and The Woman should consider that.

However, that being said, we applaude her save the boobie efforts. (clapclapclapclapclapclapclap)

Our Mom comes from a long line of big foreheads! And her head furs are not even pink! Good luck to the Woman!

On the plus side, think how many times you get to say "boobies" and no one minds or thinks you're being crude!

Hey, we think your mom is awesome for participating!
Sorry, Max, but we sort of sympathize with you and sort of don't.
Suffer for the cause???
On the other paw of the story, you get to whine a lot when she comes home again....

Our human keeps hair over her forehead. Ours is leaving this weekend not to walk for a good cause or just the weekend but just to go away for a WEEK! Can you imagine? The nerve. At least yours is doing a good cause thing again...

But Max you know, boobies!!

Well, Max, at least she's going off to do something good. It's hard to get mad at her for that.

I think she must have that tall forehead because of her massive brain. Right, Max? Hope she enjoys her time in Fog City (though there prolly won't be any--fog that is, not city). Good luck to her!!!

So are you going to dye yourself pink to support her? Don't MOL, as I knew a cat who got colored Red, white (OK so he was already white) and green with some non-toxic stuff for Christmas.


PS If the man doesn't feed you on time stick real close to his ankles, so he thinks you might bite him.... this always reminds the two legged ones how hungry we actually are.

We feels sorry for you Max, but the mom bean says what your mom is doing is pawsome!

Maybe you'll gets more treats when she gets home. Paws crossed!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

We are sorry you have been left to the Man's hapless care. Well, it might work out--he will probably forget how many times you are supposed to eat, and maybe you guys can score some extra fudz. Your Human is doing a good thing, so you have to cut her some slack! (Well, strictly speaking, no you don't *have* to, but it will probably earn you brownie points if you are nice about it).

Aw, Max, we read on facebook that your Poor Woman--hmm, how shall I say this delicately--had the need to stay near a Human Litter Box Room and thus could not do the Boobie Walk. Well, there's a silver lining to everything, Buddy--at least you have her there with you to nap on. Be nice to her now. There will probably be treats in it for you if you look happy to see her. XOXOXO