September 04, 2013

Word has gotten out, doods

Yep. The world knows I enjoy a really good poop. And that I am discriminating about the litter I use. I've always been a Tidy Cats man, though I've been willing to entertain the idea of another brand. Sometimes (like, not often) I'll use it, most of the time I won't.

But when Tidy Cats emailed and said they wanted me to try one of their new litters, it was a no-brainer. I freaking love Tidy Cats. Now, granted, I was a little skeptical because I really don't want any change to my beloved kitty litter, but I had to try it.

It even came in a special box.

I was. I was prepared to be amazed!

I didn't try to lift it, but the Woman did and she didn't even grunt!

Okay. A sticky person. I wasn't too sure about that. I don't take things from sticky people as a rule, because, you know, they're sticky. And they touch things. Like my tail. I did entertain the idea that perhaps the litter is composed of ground up sticky people, but even I don't think I'd like that. Because...gross.

Now, this is the new thing. The container is super lightweight. The whole thing weighed less than 9 pounds, which the Woman says is a spiffy thing when you're hauling those suckers out of the store and then out of the car, and especially when you're trying to pour it into the box with feline help.

This gives you an idea. The one on the left is the new stuff. On the right, my tried and true Tidy Cats. It weighs 20 pounds, and is only slightly bigger than the lightweight stuff.

Now, lightweight is all well and good, and frankly I'm tired of hearing the Woman whine about having to lift the litter to pour it out and how much her back hurts, but what counts is how it works.

And works just as well as the stuff I've used all my life. It filled the box the same, it clumps and scoops the same. It's just as good, just not as heavy. So this means no more excuses from the whiny people when it's time to change the litter (and I dunno about you, but I like having all fresh litter a lot more frequently than the people like changing it.)

There was only one drawback to it, and that was the Woman's issue: it's kind of perfumey. She does not breathe well around perfume-type things, and didn't like how it smelled, but she also says it wouldn't stop her from buying it. She'll just hold her breath when pouring it out and she didn't think it was overwhelming after we used it. If your person doesn't have a reactive airway or asthma, the perfuminess probably won't bother them.

So...I really like this stuff. It's familiar, works really well, and now I can tell the Woman to stop whining. This isn't going to hurt her back. All four paws up for this one...but don't touch my tummy while I'm sticking 'em up, or I will treat your hand to a toothy death.


The Island Cats said...

That sounds like great litter, Max. But we don't like the perfumey stuff either. We wonder if the Tidy Cat peeps might consider making it unscented??

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Perhaps they can make it more unscented? We still love our breeze (although ours is adapted for safflower seeds rather than the pellets and the woman is working on making reusable piddle pads for the bottom area so it's even environmentally friendly). We like the safflower seeds as litter quite a lot.

KitKat said...

Thanks Nax. I am a small woman and can't lift those heavy litter containers. That's super. I will check it out. I have no problem with the scent issue.

Just Ducky said...

Mum will have to watch for that. She buys the 35# big containers and hefts them around pretty good. At least for now.

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

We use Tidy Cat, too! We are not sure about the perfume, though. Mom has asthma, but Dad is the litter person, so it might be OK!

Jan Scholl said...

If they come out with an unscented, I will try it. We don't do perfumed anything around here. So maybe?

The Swiss Cats said...

Mum said that the package is cleverly done : a big bottle with a cork to be screwed. We never saw it here in Switzerland, or that brand of litter. We are not really experts, as we always pee and poo outside (excepte maybe once in the middle of winter...). Purrs

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Mommy uses Tidy Cat as a base for my litter box. She went through several kinds pre-me, and this was the best. She hated the perfumey stuff and the dusty stuff. When Tidy Cat became less dusty she switched. Permanently.
She uses Cat Attract on the top layer because it is kinder to sensitive paws (she adopts declawed kitties, and babies us cause she feels so horrible about declawing).

Stacy Hurt said...

Sounds wonderful. That Woman has a tricksy back sometimes & even the littlest thing can set it off. We will try this. One issue you didn't mention is dust. Is it really dusty when she pours it into the box? Is there dust when you use it and dig to China? I get really picky about that; see I'd rather go out and do my big business in the backyard but I don't always get what I want. I'd hate to have to leave her a message on her new cleaned up carpet. She can get so hissy about that.

Ms. Stella O'Houligan