Posted by Max | Posted on 9/20/2013 02:08:00 PM

Almost a week ago the People went out in the morning, and when they came back the Woman said she bought something for me...but then didn't give it to me. I spent a lot of time wondering what it was. Food? Toys? Crunchies? WHAT IS IT?

But then she didn't give it to me and I kind of forgot about it, until last night when she unzipped the bag it was in and spread it out.

It's a brand new fuzzy blanket to replace the fuzzy blankets that she got rid of because they were too gnarly to clean!


It's going to live in the nook by the fireplace where I like to lounge and nap during winter. I bake by the fire, then go curl up on the fuzzy blanket to snooze for a while, and then get up and do it again.

She put a new bed in there, but I didn't like it as much as I did the fuzzy blanket. The bed is still there, but she folded the new blanket up and set it on top, so I should be nice and comfy.

Now...winter needs to get here. I have some baking to do.

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I am looking forward to winter and warm fires too... I've been coming down to watch the humans eat and watch television and stretching out in front of the fire place just in case...

oooooohhh!!!! We have a da Bears binky like that one and it's just FAB!!! Of course ours is better cos it's got the best team on it, MOL...

Baking sounds like fun!
Can't wait for Mom to turn the furnace on so that hot air can blow into our furs!!!
We are glad your Mom got you a new blankie :)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

Baking on a blanket sounds like a great way to spend the winter.

The woman did good, Max. That blanket is awesome!

We doesn't want winter to come soon 'cuz then we cants use our sunny room. But your blanket sounds like a great idea. Course we'd have a different team...hmmmm, gotta go talk to mom!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Taz sez his Cowboys blankie is da bestest!

Pfft. I guess that blanket SHOULD say "SC". Traitors!

We could have gotten you a Packer one! ;)

What a great team blanket. Better than havin one of ours...

That is Spiffy indeed! Enjoy unlimited nap time on it Max!