Posted by Max | Posted on 9/04/2013 10:08:00 PM

Tonight while I was looking out the back window and enjoying the nice breeze that was blowing in, the Man and the Woman came into the living room, and she sat down on the sofa--which she never does--and said, "Max, come see!"

So I went and saw and SHE HAD TWINKIES!!!

After she opened the box she let me sniff...holy carp, doods, it smelled like AWESOME and SPIFFY! The only problem was that I could not just reach in and grab one, so I had to rely on her opposable thumbs and hope that she wouldn't rip one open, only let me sniff, and then shove it into her own mouth.

She really did it, guys. She got one, took the plastic skin off, and then ripped it open so that I could get to the silky smooth white guts inside.

Buddah wandered up to see what was going on and when he did he wanted some, too. And doods, I had no problem with that. There was more than enough Twinkie to go around. Besides, I HAVE A WHOLE BOX. I might even let the Woman have one.

The Woman got smart...she ripped it open the long way so that we could slurp up the innards. Wonderful, creamy innards.

Last bite. We nommed that thing to death.

I'm not sure when I get my next one, but I can be patient. Besides, I saw where the Woman put the box and I can get to it, and since it's now open...let's just say I have no problem with tearing the skin off a Twinkie with my bare teeth. So there might be some hunting going on tonight after the People go to bed.


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I can't believe she let you nom your Twinkie over that nice rug! I think she must really LOVE you Max. Wait--I shed a little tear just thinking about that. Heh heh.

But SCORE, Max. TWINKIES! And some for later. Why, it's like HEAVEN, that's what it is.

Oh thats awesome. I'm hoppin in mt TARDIS and will be there shortly!

Ms Stella O Houligan

Oh thats awesome. I'm hoppin in mt TARDIS and will be there shortly!

Ms Stella O Houligan

Max, you and Buddah are SO lucky! My human would NEVER do that! Number one, she does not like Twinkies (but before you get the idea she is some kind of pop culture sweets Scrooge, the truth is she prefers SuzyQ's and Ding Dongs). Number two, she is selfish and does not share.

The two of you got Twinkies?! Lucky cats.

Max, we are glad ya got the Twinkie! Cuz its not our treat, ya know.? If we ever see anny of those here, we will send then ta you. Srsly, we will.

oh, max--what bliss!!! so happy fur you!

Oh man Max, I am so in awe of how well you have your human trained.

Twinkies??? Mommy doesn't have any. Could you send me one so I could try it?? Better yet, let me transport over and share your marvelous hunting skills.
Mommy said she hasn't had a Twinkie in years. Maybe I can bring one back for her? Or is it like potato chips (can't eat just one) and she needs to go out and buy a whole couple boxes for us (we'd each get one).

I hope I get a Twinkie today, it's my bday & that would be WAY better than cake!

I have never seen or heard of Twinkies, but Max, that looks sooo good!

You both got Twinkies!!!!
Wow that is pawsome.

Pawsome Max!!! Just pawsome!
We love to see kitties being treated properly ;)
You with your Twinkies and Miles Meezer with his french toast ;)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

Max, you are one lucky cat. We've never had Twinkies and we think we're being deprived.

We've never had Twinkie's Max. But now the word is out, if you and Buddah liked these so much, we would too, absolutely!

Now need to get some of those delicious looking thingies


Way to go, Max! You and Buddah sure scored big time!

Now that they make them again. Mum doesn't give us the sweet stuff to eat. Just bits of meat now and then.

Oh.My.COD! Can I move in with you?

we never get them, I've never even smelled one. It looks and sounds wonderful! your pals, Morgan and Maisie