Posted by Max | Posted on 9/11/2013 10:47:00 PM

Tonight, I was sitting on the arm of the sofa, enjoying the nice breeze coming in through the open window, when the Woman walked in. This is nothing unusual and I expected her to be there soon, since she had only gotten up a few minutes ago to visit the giant litterbox room, and I was contemplating that upon her return I would sit in her lap and allow her a few minutes of me.

Well. Buddah came in first, and when she followed she reached down and patted him on the head and said, "Hey there, Buddy."



He is LITTLE MAN or SPAZ or even one of those gag me names like SWEETYKINS, but he is NOT Buddy.

I am deeply offended.

Seriously. So I only sat in her lap for like 3 minutes, long enough to roll onto the laptop keyboard and screw up her game of Bookworm.

Let's hear her call him by the nickname I hate again...

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Is there any chance the name she called him wasn't Buddy (YOUR NAME), as in Pal, friend, Homie, but rather a shortened version of his actual name, Buddah--you know "Buddy," pronounced "Bood-dee". I think that must be it, Max, don't you, really?

I agree with you. Mom has been calling that big red cat big boy and that is my name, not his! Kirby!

Oh man. Thats horrible. But you know what's even worse? One time the woman looked at the Male and called him Chey...

Well, you could give Buddah a quick bop on the head just to remind him to not steal your name.

I love the Crew's suggestion. Yes, yes, yes.
Would you believe that one of my mommy's favorite phrases is "Oh, come on!" Sure is easier on the ears than @&%*^##!

Yep. Boppin' Buddah gets the point across.

Good going on the Bookworm, Max! (My mom was addicted to that for eons!) I'd give her a bite, too, just for good measure.

Maybe the Woman was suffering from some kinda temporary dementia, Max...and she thought Buddah was you. You never know....

Gosh, good work on the keyboard, but we thinks the woman needs to learn a serious lesson, MOL! A nice slimy hairball in the giant litterbox sounds like a pawsome idea.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

I am "Derby Sweetheart Cat" so proclaimed by my Princess Mia Bella. But mum calls Ducky "sweetheart" all the time. MY NAME!!!


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Oh nose. What is wrong wif da humans? Did yoo give her da look?

Wow...Tammy Sexton did not look and see what kind of blog this is, did she...?

Messin up her keyboard is a VERY appropriate reaction!