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Posted by Max | Posted on 9/15/2013 11:16:00 PM

He thinks he's King of the Pillows

I'm going to let him keep thinking that, because he's getting fur all over them AND he's getting his butt all over them, and at night the Woman has been known to plant her face into them. So it amuses me. But the only royal thing he really is is a pain...

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ANd he will get yelled at when the fur tickles her face!

Like Ichiro. Maybe we can send them away together?

unladylike *snort*


Lubs you Buddah and Max!

Max, you are awesome! BUT love me some Buddah, Rock on!

I love you, Max. There, I've said it!!

My Woman is doing something with needles and colored strings that she calls 'her' Psychokitty. How can that be?


Mom gave up at our house and Ralphie has his own pillow at the top of the bed. I just put my humpy rump on her head every nite since she didn't give me MY own pillow!Love ya Max!
Marty the Manx

His furs probly DO hide on the pillow better Max.

it's funny when we lay on the mom's pillows all day and then she sleeps on them and gets a mouth full of fur in the morning. MOL

Mom is all Squee over him...says she doesn't see his cute little house panther-ness often enough.
But "I" say, let him play king of the pillows. I will amuse him and that might keep him out of your hair.